Internet Providers in Duesseldorf District

There are 52 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Duesseldorf District. Typical internet speeds vary from 29.68 to 103.72 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 1898.71 Mbps from Colt. Other fast internet providers include Liberty Global with 959.54 Mbps, KomMITT Ratingen with 944.45 Mbps, and NetCologne with 939.99 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Duesseldorf District are 23.34% better than the Germany national average of 35.56 Mbps. The most common broadprovider in Duesseldorf District is Deutsche Telekom, and their typical speeds range from 27.57 to 89.57 Mbps.

Duesseldorf District Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Duesseldorf District

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom921.98 Mbps27.57—89.57 Mbps228
2Vodafone929.85 Mbps19.88—101.57 Mbps226
3Telefonica Germany866.43 Mbps19.04—56.75 Mbps208
4Liberty Global959.54 Mbps52.23—281.4 Mbps200
5Plusnet900.23 Mbps27.36—81.51 Mbps114
6Deutsche Glasfaser938.73 Mbps42.71—211.34 Mbps68
7NetCologne939.99 Mbps29.96—96.81 Mbps48
8Colt1898.71 Mbps25.98—90.83 Mbps20
9TELE AG456.97 Mbps14.37—72.31 Mbps17
10KomMITT Ratingen944.45 Mbps33.68—103.4 Mbps16
11ecotel communication ag390.97 Mbps28.81—90.83 Mbps13
12vitroconnect885.27 Mbps39.55—124.27 Mbps10
13DOKOM Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation933.22 Mbps30.57—97.67 Mbps9
14Verizon Business - EMEA680.54 Mbps17—68.81 Mbps9
15Cablesurf480.06 Mbps28.89—118.36 Mbps8
16KAMP Netzwerkdienste910.32 Mbps9.75—78.83 Mbps7
17scanplus586.57 Mbps15.61—62.11 Mbps7
18Thuga SmartService461.44 Mbps29.18—85.34 Mbps6
19BT515.45 Mbps21.33—50.48 Mbps6
20comtrance223.14 Mbps7.53—36.91 Mbps6
21RS Gesellschaft fuer Informationstechnik695.79 Mbps46.66—237.46 Mbps5
22GELSEN-NET758.15 Mbps43.76—187.08 Mbps5
23euNetworks Group929.25 Mbps37.88—115.56 Mbps5
24Global Village433.61 Mbps7.5—168.7 Mbps5
25TMR Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet474.54 Mbps28.64—91.78 Mbps5
26MK Netzdienste134.42 Mbps11.96—33.03 Mbps5
27HKN899.08 Mbps12.86—67.15 Mbps4
28VIA NET.WORKS191.81 Mbps8.51—41.59 Mbps4
29teliko568.45 Mbps98.78—429.08 Mbps3
30Haendle & Korte915.4 Mbps64.66—193.77 Mbps3
31MDlink online service center401.34 Mbps32.56—89.46 Mbps3
32VSE NET271.05 Mbps25.6—91.05 Mbps3
33EWETel87.52 Mbps21.58—49.51 Mbps3
34M-net929.71 Mbps608.08—709.02 Mbps2
35Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum779.59 Mbps0.68—40.42 Mbps2
36antilo AG93.04 Mbps15.77—51.12 Mbps2
37PricewaterhouseCoopers895.08 Mbps15.23—38.47 Mbps2
381&1 Internet929.07 Mbps50.13—84.14 Mbps1
39Erdenreich Datentechnik381.16 Mbps36.89—335.35 Mbps1
40ropa carrier solutions419.8 Mbps55.46—280.58 Mbps1
41Orange Business Services866.61 Mbps83.71—123.17 Mbps1
42DTS Systeme226.93 Mbps116.93—218.62 Mbps1
43noris network AG896.49 Mbps32.18—92.47 Mbps1
44bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom90.03 Mbps33.28—81.1 Mbps1
45Tata Communications158.94 Mbps6.38—80.73 Mbps1
46Tele Columbus AG85.25 Mbps1.82—14.23 Mbps1
47RoutIT130.42 Mbps0.96—21.68 Mbps1
48HeLi NET Telekommunikation76.07 Mbps6.75—50.36 Mbps1
49Cogent Communications50.54 Mbps8.12—15.57 Mbps1
50Netzquadrat11.83 Mbps0—5.3 Mbps1
51KEVAG Telekom6.67 Mbps0—5.86 Mbps1
52FILIADATA-AS1.06 Mbps0.67—0.99 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Duesseldorf District

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Grevenbroich918.87 Mbps153.05—519.41 Mbps417.91 Mbps6
2Barrenstein924.3 Mbps102.6—514.11 Mbps355.22 Mbps7
3Vogelsang798.04 Mbps126.6—289.29 Mbps191.7 Mbps5
4Engelsholt910.95 Mbps70.26—844.07 Mbps176.26 Mbps5
5Kranenburg929.33 Mbps61.27—390.99 Mbps90.63 Mbps4
6Haan924.67 Mbps56.6—303.38 Mbps89.61 Mbps6
7Diessem910.15 Mbps57.05—92 Mbps87.44 Mbps4
8Hafen909.35 Mbps57.95—389.84 Mbps86.8 Mbps9
9Meerbusch876.16 Mbps56.98—245.39 Mbps84.42 Mbps4
10Damm265.31 Mbps78.53—85.61 Mbps80.76 Mbps6
11Rheinberg803.91 Mbps49.79—101.92 Mbps79.95 Mbps5
12Düsseldorf-Bilk921.98 Mbps69.73—170.38 Mbps73.82 Mbps6
13Heiligenhaeuschen649.61 Mbps37.98—576.98 Mbps69.54 Mbps6
14Neuss910.88 Mbps44.02—101.11 Mbps60.43 Mbps11
15Niederdonk895.08 Mbps38.47—221.43 Mbps59.67 Mbps9
16Toenisvorst856.73 Mbps42.96—243.62 Mbps57.99 Mbps6
17Weissenberg895.97 Mbps54.28—129.14 Mbps57.86 Mbps8
18Cracau890.98 Mbps44.86—185.39 Mbps57.28 Mbps10
19Kasslerfeld883.18 Mbps41.9—219.05 Mbps57.08 Mbps5
20Zeisigweg922.4 Mbps44.9—206.62 Mbps57.07 Mbps7
21Horrem527.29 Mbps38.44—127.66 Mbps56.71 Mbps6
22Baur915.27 Mbps42.71—190.36 Mbps56.45 Mbps6
23Straelen604 Mbps42.69—125.76 Mbps56.42 Mbps4
24Krefeld900.76 Mbps39.86—204.16 Mbps55.53 Mbps7
25Wesel874.92 Mbps40.41—192.38 Mbps55.34 Mbps7
26Vogelheim584.55 Mbps39.81—353.5 Mbps54.69 Mbps5
27Kaarst869.66 Mbps39.29—106.42 Mbps54.64 Mbps8
28Neuessen706.25 Mbps40.89—348.63 Mbps54.43 Mbps5
29Monheim am Rhein929.07 Mbps39.53—113.93 Mbps52.84 Mbps7
30Kaldenhausen890.41 Mbps38.55—163.36 Mbps52.54 Mbps6
31Hamminkeln923.99 Mbps35.65—178.58 Mbps52.39 Mbps8
32Kapellen926.06 Mbps38.14—184.54 Mbps52.17 Mbps5
33Rheydt897.79 Mbps34.75—104.3 Mbps51.83 Mbps5
34Kalkar855.99 Mbps34.02—92.19 Mbps51.52 Mbps5
35Grafenberg920.79 Mbps36.04—214.4 Mbps51.13 Mbps10
36Korschenbroich929.71 Mbps34.77—174.25 Mbps50.76 Mbps7
37Kleinhuelsberg903.93 Mbps30.19—246.32 Mbps50.34 Mbps4
38Düsseldorf1898.71 Mbps33.78—122.12 Mbps49.76 Mbps20
39Steinbeck856.28 Mbps31.59—222.29 Mbps49.66 Mbps5
40Alstaden828.92 Mbps34.9—122.62 Mbps49.55 Mbps7
41Frohnhausen804.06 Mbps39.55—152.81 Mbps49.24 Mbps7
42Kleve817.89 Mbps35.03—74.86 Mbps49.09 Mbps5
43Grefrath601.27 Mbps32.71—94.75 Mbps48.35 Mbps4
44Duesseldorf-Pempelfort933.22 Mbps30.06—205.97 Mbps48.06 Mbps7
45Mönchengladbach902.84 Mbps33.2—144.64 Mbps47.91 Mbps6
46Langerfeld878.28 Mbps32.67—175.63 Mbps47.43 Mbps4
47Mettmann901.32 Mbps32.19—92.08 Mbps47.07 Mbps8
48Ahren875.47 Mbps33.74—92.51 Mbps46.91 Mbps6
49Krudenburg910.03 Mbps28.48—104.88 Mbps46.64 Mbps6
50Sandberg903.62 Mbps32.27—104.56 Mbps46.59 Mbps7
51Oberlohberg872.71 Mbps25.54—101.81 Mbps46.51 Mbps5
52Friedrichstadt913.26 Mbps37.71—92.5 Mbps46.11 Mbps9
53Alt-Hamborn959.54 Mbps33.25—104.15 Mbps46.04 Mbps5
54Schnittert905.76 Mbps32.83—102.48 Mbps45.84 Mbps5
55Hingenberg595.95 Mbps31.76—69.97 Mbps45.57 Mbps5
56Lohberg824.95 Mbps31.38—99.79 Mbps45.48 Mbps6
57Meerbeck864.69 Mbps32.32—100.67 Mbps44.87 Mbps4
58Friedrichsfeld924.05 Mbps33.07—104.03 Mbps44.73 Mbps5
59Stadtbezirk 01914.38 Mbps25.58—79.12 Mbps44.71 Mbps12
60Hoser874.03 Mbps28.97—192.22 Mbps44.62 Mbps8
61Scherpenberg889.82 Mbps31.05—95.86 Mbps44.57 Mbps6
62Derikum655.47 Mbps29.02—90.05 Mbps44.2 Mbps7
63Langenfeld919.12 Mbps30.88—150.05 Mbps44.18 Mbps8
64Norf813.92 Mbps30.03—89.27 Mbps43.86 Mbps5
65Heerdt925.67 Mbps43.64—45.09 Mbps43.75 Mbps6
66Forstwald758.39 Mbps26.85—88.47 Mbps43.71 Mbps5
67Wieden910.99 Mbps32.08—68.54 Mbps43.51 Mbps5
68Rheinufer899.35 Mbps29.89—93.23 Mbps43.36 Mbps3
69Issum753.42 Mbps33.5—147.37 Mbps42.97 Mbps4
70Mülheim895.04 Mbps27.84—100.77 Mbps42.04 Mbps8
71Duisburg909.49 Mbps27.68—104.32 Mbps41.91 Mbps10
72Am Duelmen882.17 Mbps28.89—126.73 Mbps41.9 Mbps7
73Willich914.05 Mbps28.35—105.94 Mbps41.4 Mbps8
74Westen912.96 Mbps31.13—126.1 Mbps41.38 Mbps6
75Hochstrass939.45 Mbps28.06—97.38 Mbps41.2 Mbps5
76Juchen923.27 Mbps25.82—155.33 Mbps41.11 Mbps7
77Krehwinkler Hoefe901.61 Mbps25.74—92.97 Mbps41.02 Mbps5
78Erkrath904.32 Mbps29.02—111.68 Mbps40.92 Mbps9
79Katernberg905.59 Mbps28.27—133.43 Mbps40.86 Mbps5
80Demmeltrath916.7 Mbps28.4—73.83 Mbps40.51 Mbps5
81Schwalmtal914.11 Mbps29.64—92.42 Mbps40.35 Mbps5
82Dahl868.5 Mbps28.38—102.41 Mbps40.27 Mbps6
83Emmerich461.87 Mbps27.49—89.69 Mbps40.24 Mbps7
84Flueren904.84 Mbps29.58—92.04 Mbps40.23 Mbps8
85Oberhausen905.42 Mbps27.19—98.24 Mbps40.2 Mbps5
86Borbeck803.37 Mbps27.16—98.69 Mbps40.07 Mbps6
87Meiderich928.04 Mbps31.44—113.36 Mbps39.91 Mbps5
88Wanheimerort888.21 Mbps27.2—104.59 Mbps39.76 Mbps6
89Wuelfrath939.99 Mbps24.55—92.71 Mbps39.71 Mbps6
90Pongs859.53 Mbps25.82—90.88 Mbps39.31 Mbps4
91Ivangsheide821.18 Mbps23.97—229.98 Mbps39.19 Mbps6
92Kleef920.79 Mbps26.39—88.59 Mbps38.88 Mbps9
93Stadtwald851.18 Mbps25.99—88.75 Mbps38.77 Mbps6
94Kamp-Lintfort878.95 Mbps26.78—98.2 Mbps38.68 Mbps6
95Lank-Latum371.49 Mbps25.63—85.07 Mbps38.3 Mbps4
96Bermensfeld818.04 Mbps24.5—92.05 Mbps38.12 Mbps6
97Ratingen944.45 Mbps27.38—147.64 Mbps37.65 Mbps11
98Kempen900.23 Mbps26.21—92.77 Mbps37.29 Mbps6
99Wuppertal923.72 Mbps24.85—117.02 Mbps37.21 Mbps8
100Hagen527.04 Mbps25.58—89.66 Mbps36.56 Mbps5
101Beltinghoven522.16 Mbps24.67—78.96 Mbps36.11 Mbps7
102Essen919.69 Mbps23.6—90.46 Mbps36.08 Mbps11
103Huttrop799.86 Mbps24.19—78.54 Mbps35.86 Mbps7
104Hochfeld872.65 Mbps21.79—92.66 Mbps35.61 Mbps5
105Stadtbezirk 09887.84 Mbps23.18—105.01 Mbps35.52 Mbps4
106Margaretenhoehe790.19 Mbps24.59—63.04 Mbps34.82 Mbps8
107Tackenberg667.25 Mbps23.19—76.56 Mbps34.65 Mbps6
108Flieth402.89 Mbps24.3—68.23 Mbps34.37 Mbps5
109Hefel904.53 Mbps18.02—96.74 Mbps34.19 Mbps9
110Lehn803.51 Mbps23.11—76.54 Mbps34.01 Mbps6
111Itter895.65 Mbps21.71—89.09 Mbps33.69 Mbps8
112Lierenfeld920.37 Mbps21.3—106.48 Mbps33.67 Mbps10
113Viersen618.21 Mbps22.12—79.97 Mbps33.65 Mbps6
114Schonnebeck531.82 Mbps21.7—75.25 Mbps33.3 Mbps6
115Uhlenbruch429.06 Mbps22.31—73.16 Mbps33.26 Mbps5
116Roettgersbach827.06 Mbps23.53—65.24 Mbps32.76 Mbps6
117Stockdum460.98 Mbps23.08—71.07 Mbps32.52 Mbps6
118Klauberg849.58 Mbps21.07—83.3 Mbps32.33 Mbps5
119Busch879.14 Mbps21.66—84.12 Mbps32.22 Mbps4
120Waldteich832.85 Mbps22.88—65.44 Mbps32.17 Mbps5
121Dinslaken896.97 Mbps21.17—79.16 Mbps31.93 Mbps5
122Reuschenberg899.37 Mbps21.39—92.94 Mbps31.88 Mbps4
123Ratherbruch488.71 Mbps17.4—86.02 Mbps31.17 Mbps8
124Hubbelrath897.8 Mbps23.01—71.61 Mbps31.16 Mbps4
125Bedingrade692.34 Mbps19.26—83.11 Mbps30.33 Mbps4
126Karnap727.71 Mbps18.77—53.19 Mbps30.04 Mbps5
127Heiligenhaus921.06 Mbps22.03—87.85 Mbps30.03 Mbps7
128Rott869.08 Mbps22.89—83.62 Mbps29.99 Mbps5
129Hatzfeld898.58 Mbps19.71—88.84 Mbps29.92 Mbps4
130Geldern911.37 Mbps19.97—83.87 Mbps29.71 Mbps5
131Düsseldorf-Eller929.85 Mbps18.81—87.39 Mbps29 Mbps7
132Heide910.32 Mbps16.41—55.88 Mbps28.96 Mbps4
133Neuenkamp597.34 Mbps17.03—71.78 Mbps28.83 Mbps4
134Bergheim410.17 Mbps18.6—67.41 Mbps28.12 Mbps6
135Frillendorf801.78 Mbps19.03—68.5 Mbps27.93 Mbps5
136Remscheid695.79 Mbps15.74—66.35 Mbps27.9 Mbps6
137Holthausen891.41 Mbps17.51—81.41 Mbps27.88 Mbps7
138Koch387.18 Mbps18.56—66.76 Mbps27.61 Mbps5
139Osterfeld751.16 Mbps17.82—74.81 Mbps27.58 Mbps6
140Grossenbaum823.1 Mbps17.03—68.11 Mbps27.41 Mbps8
141Goch341.75 Mbps13.57—78.87 Mbps27.34 Mbps5
142Neuenhaus919.51 Mbps16.11—76.99 Mbps27.3 Mbps6
143Altenessen771.57 Mbps16.82—68.46 Mbps27.24 Mbps6
144Ruettenscheid825.11 Mbps17.84—62.22 Mbps27.16 Mbps7
145Bliersheim524.12 Mbps19.27—65.78 Mbps27.06 Mbps4
146Guedderath516.26 Mbps15.19—98.66 Mbps26.79 Mbps5
147Velbert397.66 Mbps15.59—53.25 Mbps26.69 Mbps5
148Millingen697.84 Mbps18.01—64.26 Mbps26.43 Mbps6
149Nievenheim912.38 Mbps16.97—79.79 Mbps26.31 Mbps6
150Hochemmerich427.8 Mbps16.12—68.25 Mbps25.78 Mbps6
151Inrath644.08 Mbps18.53—82.49 Mbps25.56 Mbps4
152Vieringhausen314.89 Mbps17.56—64.02 Mbps25.38 Mbps7
153Reisholz893.94 Mbps14.21—70.66 Mbps25.11 Mbps5
154Bredeney663.93 Mbps13.68—56.2 Mbps23.63 Mbps5
155Graefrath885.52 Mbps17.61—42.9 Mbps23.3 Mbps5
156Hamm844.06 Mbps12.24—58.73 Mbps23.22 Mbps8
157Auf der Aue529.63 Mbps16.53—53.57 Mbps22.97 Mbps8
158Langenberg900.91 Mbps13.53—77.41 Mbps21.88 Mbps6
159Moers557.85 Mbps13.46—56.94 Mbps21.77 Mbps4
160Eicken782.33 Mbps15.73—82.54 Mbps21.73 Mbps7
161Alpen831.46 Mbps12.85—69.69 Mbps21.31 Mbps5
162Hilden426.85 Mbps14.03—48.8 Mbps20.89 Mbps7
163Erbschloe781.34 Mbps13.77—102.16 Mbps20.89 Mbps5
164Stoppenberg916.05 Mbps12.46—56.71 Mbps19.53 Mbps6
165Kevelaer810.38 Mbps12.86—57.39 Mbps19.38 Mbps6
166Heide594.89 Mbps12.57—62.78 Mbps18.6 Mbps5
167Duissern255.33 Mbps11.87—56.83 Mbps17.85 Mbps4
168Kleinehoehe849.5 Mbps12.26—55.98 Mbps16.4 Mbps7
169Schermbeck491.23 Mbps9.73—37.52 Mbps14.65 Mbps7
170Niederkassel922.1 Mbps14.33—66.91 Mbps14.58 Mbps12
171Sonsbeck802.56 Mbps11.05—48.29 Mbps14.56 Mbps2
172Dellwig820.61 Mbps9.12—51.71 Mbps12.67 Mbps4
173Kupferdreh577.1 Mbps8—47.47 Mbps11.63 Mbps4
174Am Dammsteg883.68 Mbps6.3—49.91 Mbps8.74 Mbps7

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Duesseldorf District

How many providers in Duesseldorf District are there?
Duesseldorf District has 52 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Duesseldorf District?
Colt is the fastest provider in Duesseldorf District with 1898.71 Mbps, and an average speed range of 25.98—90.83 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Duesseldorf District?
Users in Duesseldorf District see an average internet speed of 29.68 up to 103.72 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1898.71 Mbps.
Is Deutsche Telekom available in Duesseldorf District?
Deutsche Telekom is available in Duesseldorf District, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 921.98 Mbps.
Is Liberty Global available in Duesseldorf District?
Liberty Global is available in Duesseldorf District, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 959.54 Mbps.
Is Vodafone available in Duesseldorf District?
Vodafone is available in Duesseldorf District, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 929.85 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Duesseldorf District?
The provider with the most users in Duesseldorf District is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 29 Jul 2021