Internet Providers in Cologne District

Cologne District
There are 47 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Cologne District. Typical internet speeds vary from 22.71 to 92.22 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 3730.45 Mbps from NetCologne. Other fast providers include FILIADATA-AS with 1603.44 Mbps, 1&1 Internet with 1404.65 Mbps, and Liberty Global with 1024.74 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Cologne District are 9.21% better than the Germany national average of 31.39 Mbps. The most common provider in Cologne District is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 14.92 to 69.16 Mbps.

Cologne District Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Cologne District

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom919.18 Mbps14.92—69.16 Mbps217
2Vodafone1001.68 Mbps11.59—79.49 Mbps197
3Telefonica Germany259.3 Mbps14.26—47.75 Mbps177
4Liberty Global1024.74 Mbps41.57—205.21 Mbps167
5NetCologne3730.45 Mbps23.62—82.07 Mbps157
6Plusnet682.94 Mbps20.76—67.76 Mbps116
7RelAix Networks896.59 Mbps163.55—175.87 Mbps20
8SOCO Network Solutions748.45 Mbps19.82—55.04 Mbps20
9Deutsche Glasfaser922.7 Mbps54.35—255.51 Mbps19
10Colt925.82 Mbps15.47—109.43 Mbps14
11bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom546.15 Mbps52.93—458.42 Mbps13
12vitroconnect548.88 Mbps32.58—99.92 Mbps11
13TELE AG466.21 Mbps63.87—95.79 Mbps7
14KEVAG Telekom396.2 Mbps13.8—80.3 Mbps5
15Verizon Business - EMEA239.92 Mbps12.76—50.83 Mbps5
16scanplus358.24 Mbps9.62—38.25 Mbps5
17ecotel communication ag228.6 Mbps17.11—78.01 Mbps4
18Schunenberg Computer323.19 Mbps17.55—57.31 Mbps4
19KAMP Netzwerkdienste936.94 Mbps6.62—80.88 Mbps3
20M247140.95 Mbps7.5—29.14 Mbps3
21TMR Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet615.63 Mbps87.33—466.4 Mbps2
22RS Gesellschaft fuer Informationstechnik322.88 Mbps32.19—216.13 Mbps2
23Thuga SmartService411.82 Mbps5.28—93.38 Mbps2
24rockenstein AG143.83 Mbps13.5—27.92 Mbps2
25inexio78.19 Mbps13.5—35.68 Mbps2
26NetAachen168.54 Mbps3.51—21.39 Mbps2
27FILIADATA-AS1603.44 Mbps1298.55—1521.45 Mbps1
28combahton945.31 Mbps289.43—483.66 Mbps1
2923media938.1 Mbps13.79—31.84 Mbps1
30comtrance733.25 Mbps85.75—353.19 Mbps1
311&1 Internet1404.65 Mbps25.96—275.58 Mbps1
32PricewaterhouseCoopers210.12 Mbps129.23—166.67 Mbps1
33Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum278.52 Mbps20.23—100.08 Mbps1
34VSE NET466.19 Mbps42.22—177.57 Mbps1
35Haendle & Korte203.94 Mbps35.15—156.43 Mbps1
36Global Village94.54 Mbps54.89—94.17 Mbps1
37MK Netzdienste90.74 Mbps62.98—64.41 Mbps1
38ITENOS79.96 Mbps12.93—77.95 Mbps1
39Globalways47.85 Mbps46.71—47.61 Mbps1
40EWETel36.56 Mbps0—32.21 Mbps1
41BT131.4 Mbps5.52—71.54 Mbps1
42NetCom BW246.3 Mbps17.4—42.29 Mbps1
43DOKOM Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation24.22 Mbps0—21.01 Mbps1
44Plus.line8.5 Mbps0—0.15 Mbps1
45euNetworks Group8.88 Mbps1.45—4.8 Mbps1
46Telxius Cable47.79 Mbps1.85—3.62 Mbps1
47HeLi NET Telekommunikation4.73 Mbps1.57—1.63 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Cologne District

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Neumarkt520.21 Mbps65.07—253.4 Mbps173.82 Mbps8
2Schillingsrott908.21 Mbps93.79—403.58 Mbps127.25 Mbps6
3Tannenbusch908.2 Mbps60.84—567.43 Mbps108.43 Mbps6
4Butterheide912.95 Mbps59.11—225.07 Mbps104.93 Mbps7
5Suedstadt885.03 Mbps65.98—369.81 Mbps93.13 Mbps7
6Meckenheim476.42 Mbps80.84—470.57 Mbps92.78 Mbps8
7Bocklemund855.91 Mbps83.97—99.45 Mbps92.41 Mbps7
8Geilenkirchen604.06 Mbps91.78—102.7 Mbps92.2 Mbps5
9Lovenich1024.74 Mbps48.77—263.45 Mbps76.55 Mbps6
10Aggerdeich715.34 Mbps44.56—222.78 Mbps67.47 Mbps6
11Kurten351.43 Mbps48.21—99.76 Mbps64.26 Mbps5
12Marsdorf921.96 Mbps44.13—204.57 Mbps60.18 Mbps7
13Titz871.29 Mbps40.31—416.59 Mbps59.33 Mbps6
14Honningen899.94 Mbps42.21—153.5 Mbps58.93 Mbps7
15Leverkusen936.94 Mbps41.01—100.61 Mbps55.95 Mbps7
16Soers878.78 Mbps38.78—173.48 Mbps55.52 Mbps7
17Heinsberg922.7 Mbps38.91—261.4 Mbps55.38 Mbps9
18Ramersdorf916.23 Mbps38.84—93.54 Mbps54.37 Mbps7
19Duisdorf901.77 Mbps38.24—301.47 Mbps54.01 Mbps5
20Sankt Augustin984.98 Mbps37.42—122.85 Mbps53.05 Mbps6
21Merheim854.72 Mbps37.96—204.49 Mbps52.86 Mbps7
22Overath878.59 Mbps35.01—80.65 Mbps52.72 Mbps7
23Messdorf920.27 Mbps36.85—203.32 Mbps52.56 Mbps7
24Mungersdorf968.42 Mbps37.79—154.39 Mbps51.96 Mbps5
25Buschdorf900.87 Mbps37.36—100.54 Mbps51.48 Mbps9
26Gangelt833.76 Mbps38.63—247.91 Mbps49.66 Mbps6
27Arnoldshohe911.61 Mbps33.4—103.43 Mbps49.14 Mbps8
28Bonn925.53 Mbps35.56—154.46 Mbps48.84 Mbps6
29Ossendorf879.14 Mbps32.32—116.35 Mbps48.6 Mbps6
30Rheinbach744.74 Mbps34.22—89.53 Mbps48.13 Mbps7
31Neustadt Sued918.33 Mbps31.53—156.1 Mbps48.06 Mbps8
32Duenfeld931.37 Mbps32.76—117.27 Mbps48.03 Mbps6
33Niederholtorf788.44 Mbps40.52—91.84 Mbps48.02 Mbps6
34Eschweiler869.74 Mbps31.91—119.71 Mbps47.88 Mbps7
35Aue863.32 Mbps31.15—183.33 Mbps47.85 Mbps6
36Siegburg854.33 Mbps33.26—167.77 Mbps47.72 Mbps6
37Bad Honnef631.65 Mbps32.13—103.52 Mbps47.32 Mbps5
38Lindenthal915.88 Mbps29.12—96.53 Mbps46.89 Mbps8
39Holweide444.94 Mbps34.33—96.14 Mbps46.69 Mbps6
40Oberaussem1001.68 Mbps34.74—158.05 Mbps46.52 Mbps7
41Rospe519.32 Mbps40.27—89.97 Mbps45.78 Mbps5
42Altenbochum914.7 Mbps37.63—98.54 Mbps45.37 Mbps8
43Eilendorf896.49 Mbps30.89—142.29 Mbps44.98 Mbps7
44Stadtgarten933.59 Mbps29.09—117.38 Mbps44.85 Mbps7
45Aachen902.19 Mbps31.93—125.42 Mbps44.55 Mbps10
46Hackberg928.53 Mbps30.09—68.96 Mbps44.45 Mbps6
47Spich902.02 Mbps30.15—113.42 Mbps44.34 Mbps6
48Vilich Rheindorf906.01 Mbps29.69—90.34 Mbps44.21 Mbps6
49Wassenberg563.44 Mbps30.27—234.47 Mbps44.01 Mbps5
50Niehl494.42 Mbps30.71—87.03 Mbps44.01 Mbps5
51Wahn-Heide873.49 Mbps30.09—62.25 Mbps43.56 Mbps7
52Kenten915.06 Mbps29.17—154.24 Mbps43.44 Mbps6
53Herzogenrath899.76 Mbps30.18—74.1 Mbps43.21 Mbps8
54Godesberg-Villenviertel734.99 Mbps32.41—79.06 Mbps42.86 Mbps5
55Brueck961.8 Mbps29.69—101.87 Mbps42.86 Mbps10
56Juelich909.97 Mbps28—134.49 Mbps42.16 Mbps5
57Hennef698 Mbps28.47—89.9 Mbps41.72 Mbps6
58Wesseling914.03 Mbps30.18—126.39 Mbps41.11 Mbps6
59Kriel897.95 Mbps27.88—93.44 Mbps41 Mbps6
60Bergisch Gladbach830.13 Mbps27.99—101.6 Mbps40.87 Mbps6
61Roelsdorf916.71 Mbps27.38—99.6 Mbps40.7 Mbps6
62Buchforst900.72 Mbps27.05—98.53 Mbps40.46 Mbps6
63Muelheim536.06 Mbps26.55—84.39 Mbps40.3 Mbps7
64Engelskirchen423.22 Mbps21.78—90.13 Mbps40.16 Mbps6
65Burtscheid913.72 Mbps27.57—120.57 Mbps40.09 Mbps8
66Lindweiler917.96 Mbps28.2—92.49 Mbps39.83 Mbps6
67Weststadt918.58 Mbps27.22—104.54 Mbps39.12 Mbps5
68Kalk641.23 Mbps25.07—95.68 Mbps38.94 Mbps6
69Ehrenfeld859.73 Mbps26.68—77.84 Mbps38.37 Mbps7
70Volkhoven879.78 Mbps27.72—90.47 Mbps38.28 Mbps7
71Wiehl502.94 Mbps26.16—84.85 Mbps38.07 Mbps4
72Sieglar808.26 Mbps26.36—94.65 Mbps37.98 Mbps7
73Forst861.12 Mbps24.52—106.46 Mbps37.51 Mbps7
74Erftstadt562.78 Mbps21.26—93.21 Mbps37.3 Mbps8
75Wachtberg768.57 Mbps23.37—89.77 Mbps37.13 Mbps7
76Cologne3730.45 Mbps24.66—86.71 Mbps36.68 Mbps9
77Euskirchen920.34 Mbps25.52—92.12 Mbps36.65 Mbps7
78Urbach888.04 Mbps24.43—79.34 Mbps36.23 Mbps5
79Bornheim870.01 Mbps22.32—87.65 Mbps35.9 Mbps6
80Stammheim491.65 Mbps24.05—92.55 Mbps35.87 Mbps6
81Westhoven888.55 Mbps23.1—90.91 Mbps35.41 Mbps7
82Lind935.73 Mbps23.74—95.97 Mbps35.32 Mbps8
83Stolberg819.92 Mbps22.67—91.96 Mbps35.31 Mbps7
84Erkelenz894.32 Mbps24.78—95.73 Mbps35.22 Mbps7
85Nippes728.59 Mbps23.99—81.68 Mbps35.06 Mbps6
86Alt-Godesberg907.02 Mbps22.85—78.55 Mbps35.01 Mbps5
87Birkesdorf905.55 Mbps24.03—106.73 Mbps34.69 Mbps7
88Hochkreuz901.5 Mbps24.14—74.31 Mbps34.13 Mbps6
89Düren911.72 Mbps23.21—93.38 Mbps33.6 Mbps9
90Wermelskirchen425.05 Mbps24.71—69.43 Mbps33.33 Mbps7
91Roman-Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne905.79 Mbps21.69—87.6 Mbps33.26 Mbps6
92Windhagen261.69 Mbps23.98—58.31 Mbps32.52 Mbps2
93Roesrath614.69 Mbps21.72—91.27 Mbps31.98 Mbps7
94Hueckelhoven707.96 Mbps21.33—93.86 Mbps31.96 Mbps6
95Schleckheim794.42 Mbps19.55—83.3 Mbps31.64 Mbps7
96Frankenberger Viertel860.56 Mbps23.22—95.66 Mbps31.32 Mbps7
97Friedrichsthal530.15 Mbps21.59—76.76 Mbps31.22 Mbps5
98Bergheim710.88 Mbps21.84—90.86 Mbps30.85 Mbps6
99Flamersheim539.64 Mbps21.35—55.94 Mbps30.52 Mbps7
100Deutz873.09 Mbps20.7—69.94 Mbps30.33 Mbps7
101Wegberg465 Mbps20.04—69.47 Mbps30.12 Mbps4
102Tuernich850.63 Mbps18.81—89.15 Mbps29.79 Mbps6
103Hurtgenwald312.12 Mbps20.02—57.59 Mbps29.63 Mbps3
104Lindlar710.03 Mbps17.64—74.75 Mbps29.31 Mbps3
105Odenthal752.94 Mbps17.01—79.49 Mbps29.17 Mbps8
106Klettenberg544.04 Mbps22.15—70.31 Mbps28.12 Mbps7
107Lohmar792.72 Mbps18.89—71.42 Mbps28.01 Mbps7
108Alsdorf876.37 Mbps17.48—83.28 Mbps28 Mbps8
109Ensen825.37 Mbps19.01—67.06 Mbps27.9 Mbps6
110Zulpich449.22 Mbps19.22—60.28 Mbps27.9 Mbps7
111Bergneustadt534.97 Mbps16.9—64.8 Mbps27.86 Mbps4
112Pulheim910.5 Mbps18.31—76.04 Mbps27.58 Mbps7
113Kall536.1 Mbps17.35—58.16 Mbps27.54 Mbps6
114Lustheide820.45 Mbps18.96—90.82 Mbps27.33 Mbps6
115Zundorf907.4 Mbps17.37—80.42 Mbps27.15 Mbps7
116Sehnrath922.58 Mbps18.29—85.89 Mbps27.06 Mbps6
117Wuerselen888.13 Mbps18.94—77.54 Mbps26.93 Mbps7
118Altstadt Nord839.48 Mbps16.72—66.69 Mbps26.92 Mbps5
119UEbach-Palenberg945.31 Mbps17.9—74.69 Mbps26.58 Mbps8
120Radevormwald893.17 Mbps14.83—93.36 Mbps26.51 Mbps7
121Linnich497.62 Mbps21—52.72 Mbps26.41 Mbps7
122Bad Muenstereifel827.09 Mbps17.65—60.53 Mbps26.32 Mbps5
123Niederkassel912.33 Mbps18.39—75.89 Mbps26.19 Mbps6
124Laubenkolonie886.22 Mbps20.34—59.81 Mbps26.13 Mbps7
125Aldenhoven748.45 Mbps19—54.27 Mbps25.69 Mbps6
126Alfter901 Mbps16.78—76.52 Mbps25.18 Mbps7
127Fixheide881.91 Mbps16.7—74 Mbps25.07 Mbps7
128Nuembrecht919.18 Mbps14.75—73.1 Mbps24.67 Mbps5
129Weiss894.87 Mbps16.01—66.44 Mbps23.86 Mbps7
130Frechen775.66 Mbps14.74—51.18 Mbps23.83 Mbps7
131Weilerswist1603.44 Mbps16.77—70.85 Mbps23.49 Mbps7
132Kreuzau509.45 Mbps15.47—53.82 Mbps23.34 Mbps4
133Opladen875.65 Mbps13.34—75.49 Mbps22.82 Mbps6
134Simmerath332.8 Mbps14.62—54.83 Mbps22.56 Mbps3
135Bruehl636.58 Mbps14.96—58.15 Mbps22.53 Mbps7
136Elsdorf895.04 Mbps14.5—67.71 Mbps22.43 Mbps6
137Wasserfuhr263.87 Mbps15.45—52.8 Mbps22.38 Mbps4
138Merzenich532.7 Mbps15.81—51.46 Mbps22.36 Mbps6
139Bellinghausen583.08 Mbps14.17—68.35 Mbps21.87 Mbps6
140Langerwehe532.08 Mbps15.49—52.91 Mbps21.83 Mbps6
141Wipperfürth390.74 Mbps15.53—54.78 Mbps21.78 Mbps4
142Hürth930.25 Mbps14.12—64.23 Mbps21.13 Mbps10
143Duenstekoven785.63 Mbps14.12—52.84 Mbps20.43 Mbps7
144Eitorf496.19 Mbps12.95—60.99 Mbps19.65 Mbps5
145Dreisel477.18 Mbps12.59—52.38 Mbps19.38 Mbps5
146Monschau264.74 Mbps12.4—53.3 Mbps19.17 Mbps4
147Niederzier768.17 Mbps11.91—54.39 Mbps18.86 Mbps7
148Marienheide280.49 Mbps11.1—54.24 Mbps18.29 Mbps5
149Scherpemich265.19 Mbps11.56—58.18 Mbps18.16 Mbps5
150Nörvenich538.49 Mbps12.2—57.06 Mbps17.98 Mbps6
151Mengenich852.39 Mbps10.67—55.42 Mbps17.96 Mbps2
152Schleiden499.58 Mbps12.24—52.85 Mbps17.11 Mbps4
153Hueckeswagen483.75 Mbps11.15—54.77 Mbps17.04 Mbps6
154Leichlingen810.67 Mbps10.07—57.73 Mbps14.84 Mbps7
155Burscheid514.11 Mbps10.79—37.99 Mbps14.8 Mbps7
156Bedburg916.92 Mbps10.9—59.81 Mbps14.49 Mbps8
157Immendorf416.21 Mbps11.01—49.02 Mbps14.13 Mbps5
158Ruppichteroth187.36 Mbps10.12—40.19 Mbps13.96 Mbps4
159Eueln489.64 Mbps10.15—45.35 Mbps13.78 Mbps5
160Baesweiler556.65 Mbps10.34—48.48 Mbps13.21 Mbps7
161Moedrath917.32 Mbps9.71—72.58 Mbps12.89 Mbps6
162Kuedinghoven405.34 Mbps8.43—38.94 Mbps12.4 Mbps1
163Waldbroel851.14 Mbps8.77—46.66 Mbps12.25 Mbps6
164Nideggen255.43 Mbps8.25—42.16 Mbps12.24 Mbps4
165Neustadt Nord834.25 Mbps4.1—69.85 Mbps11.71 Mbps6
166Bruchhausen882.63 Mbps8.19—55.36 Mbps8.79 Mbps6
167Bonn-Zentrum1404.65 Mbps7.96—58.05 Mbps8.07 Mbps8

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Cologne District

How many providers in Cologne District are there?
Cologne District has 47 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Cologne District?
NetCologne is the fastest provider in Cologne District with 3730.45 Mbps, and an average speed range of 23.62—82.07 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Cologne District?
Users in Cologne District see an average internet speed of 22.71 up to 92.22 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 3730.45 Mbps.
Is Deutsche Telekom available in Cologne District?
Deutsche Telekom is available in Cologne District, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 919.18 Mbps.
Is Liberty Global available in Cologne District?
Liberty Global is available in Cologne District, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1024.74 Mbps.
Is NetCologne available in Cologne District?
NetCologne is available in Cologne District, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 3730.45 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Cologne District?
The provider with the most users in Cologne District is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 19 Apr 2021