Internet Providers in Brandenburg

There are 22 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Brandenburg. Typical internet speeds vary from 9.1 to 42.24 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 790.42 Mbps from DNS:NET Internet Service. Other fast providers include HL komm with 588.24 Mbps, Deutsche Telekom with 509.46 Mbps, and RFTkabel Brandenburg with 470.72 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Brandenburg are 12.91% worse than the Germany national average of 14.79 Mbps. The most common provider in Brandenburg is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 10.14 to 45.39 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Brandenburg

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom509.46 Mbps10.14—45.39 Mbps369
2Vodafone241.88 Mbps5.56—26.38 Mbps209
3Telefonica Germany224.06 Mbps8.17—38.16 Mbps91
4DNS:NET Internet Service790.42 Mbps13.16—44.28 Mbps38
5Tele Columbus AG384.46 Mbps10.69—51.07 Mbps29
6RFTkabel Brandenburg470.72 Mbps12.3—42.27 Mbps23
7envia TEL353.91 Mbps7.96—21.29 Mbps19
8Plusnet92.57 Mbps3.45—13.51 Mbps17
9e.discom Telekommunikation386.3 Mbps7.44—32.56 Mbps16
10EWETel275.16 Mbps5.23—12.02 Mbps10
11Cablesurf381.43 Mbps9.04—43.16 Mbps7
12TELE AG167.36 Mbps15.24—60.58 Mbps6
13HL komm588.24 Mbps2.99—14.26 Mbps4
14Colt84.14 Mbps4.46—13.7 Mbps3
15MK Netzdienste44.67 Mbps0.2—10.82 Mbps3
16Hofnetz & IT Services199.91 Mbps71.54—76.59 Mbps2
17scanplus25.04 Mbps5.53—15.12 Mbps2
18mywire Datentechnik86.6 Mbps36.13—68.94 Mbps1
19MDlink online service center110.93 Mbps5—73.37 Mbps1
20ecotel communication ag104 Mbps11.71—14.17 Mbps1
21Thuringer Netkom31.5 Mbps1.7—26.15 Mbps1
22CBXNET combox internet11.47 Mbps5.8—8.43 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Brandenburg

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Treuenbrietzen101.98 Mbps29.33—84.56 Mbps47.45 Mbps3
2Rheinsberg225.59 Mbps27.77—97.87 Mbps40.94 Mbps2
3Trebbin213.25 Mbps19.58—86.87 Mbps38.61 Mbps4
4Blankenfelde295.29 Mbps16.1—55.15 Mbps30.58 Mbps4
5Schoenefeld261.64 Mbps18.79—51.98 Mbps26.02 Mbps4
6Calau236.53 Mbps13.76—60.61 Mbps24.67 Mbps3
7Mahlow497.71 Mbps15.01—50.84 Mbps23.97 Mbps4
8Neuruppin236.46 Mbps13.51—86.07 Mbps22.4 Mbps3
9Lebus223.68 Mbps15.15—45.44 Mbps22.18 Mbps1
10Jueterbog214.08 Mbps14.56—53.86 Mbps21.72 Mbps3
11Altes Rad506.09 Mbps13.02—75.51 Mbps21.39 Mbps8
12Osdorf313.21 Mbps13.03—49.58 Mbps21.35 Mbps5
13Velten260.96 Mbps12.47—56.6 Mbps20.34 Mbps4
14Kleinmachnow382.42 Mbps12.9—66.81 Mbps20.24 Mbps4
15Hennigsdorf455.57 Mbps12.46—56.12 Mbps19.39 Mbps5
16Dallgow-Doeberitz179.54 Mbps12.8—37.07 Mbps19.07 Mbps4
17Hohen Neuendorf198.39 Mbps11.71—55.87 Mbps19.03 Mbps3
18Wandlitz259.49 Mbps12.96—56.57 Mbps18.91 Mbps4
19Zehdenick245.75 Mbps13.41—45.15 Mbps18.63 Mbps3
20Zossen500.78 Mbps12.3—48.17 Mbps18.58 Mbps3
21Teltow230.7 Mbps10.01—69.96 Mbps17.58 Mbps6
22Stahnsdorf449.84 Mbps12.11—40.74 Mbps17.53 Mbps3
23Brunschwig231 Mbps10.97—45.53 Mbps17.33 Mbps4
24Putlitz166.8 Mbps12.67—45.68 Mbps17.12 Mbps1
25Drewitz378.13 Mbps12.09—46.45 Mbps16.81 Mbps6
26Golzow193.88 Mbps12.11—40.02 Mbps16.41 Mbps1
27Fuenfeichen262.51 Mbps11.82—46.06 Mbps16.29 Mbps2
28Nauen193.91 Mbps11.54—41.67 Mbps16.25 Mbps3
29Kietz232.19 Mbps10.87—43.38 Mbps16.24 Mbps2
30Erkner234.9 Mbps11.04—44.93 Mbps16.08 Mbps4
31Luckenwalde228.86 Mbps11.29—43.22 Mbps16.01 Mbps5
32Grossbeeren218.15 Mbps12.26—44.68 Mbps16.01 Mbps4
33Ludwigsfelde790.42 Mbps10.06—48.95 Mbps15.64 Mbps6
34Oranienburg330.44 Mbps11.01—47.44 Mbps15.46 Mbps6
35Wittstock210.54 Mbps11.31—41.67 Mbps15.34 Mbps3
36Prenzlau260.55 Mbps10.55—40.9 Mbps15.2 Mbps2
37Elsterwerda188.32 Mbps10.97—39.51 Mbps15.07 Mbps3
38Boitzenburg233.15 Mbps9.97—40.76 Mbps15.07 Mbps3
39Perleberg239.42 Mbps11.5—45.6 Mbps14.98 Mbps3
40Potsdam West381.85 Mbps10.35—44.69 Mbps14.92 Mbps5
41Groden133.67 Mbps10.53—39.11 Mbps14.85 Mbps1
42Schwerzko200.31 Mbps10.13—42.15 Mbps14.51 Mbps2
43Bernau bei Berlin776.85 Mbps10.3—44.21 Mbps14.45 Mbps3
44Baruth181.99 Mbps9.52—38.84 Mbps14.4 Mbps3
45Senftenberg220.94 Mbps10.58—40.5 Mbps14.39 Mbps3
46Rangsdorf420.37 Mbps9.37—45.78 Mbps14.25 Mbps2
47Falkensee263.5 Mbps10.29—41.27 Mbps14.21 Mbps4
48Pankeborn389.96 Mbps8.92—46.67 Mbps14.12 Mbps5
49Rathenow231.63 Mbps9.82—40.49 Mbps14.11 Mbps3
50Frauenberg381.43 Mbps9.94—42.24 Mbps14.02 Mbps4
51Schildow509.46 Mbps9.85—42.32 Mbps13.89 Mbps3
52Neubau154.46 Mbps10.42—34.63 Mbps13.79 Mbps3
53Wittenberge232.28 Mbps9.81—40.22 Mbps13.66 Mbps4
54Sachsendorf226.64 Mbps9.68—39.54 Mbps13.62 Mbps4
55Spremberg206.3 Mbps9.65—40.24 Mbps13.59 Mbps4
56Dreetz98.6 Mbps9.97—35.74 Mbps13.49 Mbps1
57Babelsberg386.3 Mbps8.77—40.96 Mbps13.35 Mbps8
58Sandow253.09 Mbps8.91—42.39 Mbps13.34 Mbps4
59Wusterwitz201.42 Mbps9.37—38.61 Mbps13.33 Mbps3
60Alt Ruppin218.02 Mbps10.22—37.77 Mbps13.3 Mbps1
61Seehof263.05 Mbps10.67—45.53 Mbps13.24 Mbps5
62Pritzwalk202.45 Mbps9.19—38.1 Mbps13.18 Mbps4
63Falkenberg100.85 Mbps9.94—37.07 Mbps13.17 Mbps2
64Ravensbrück concentration camp182.11 Mbps9.67—40.81 Mbps13.07 Mbps1
65Schlaatz463.78 Mbps9.01—46.05 Mbps13.06 Mbps7
66Brieske155.73 Mbps9.02—38.88 Mbps13.06 Mbps2
67Blossin166.44 Mbps10.01—39.6 Mbps13.06 Mbps2
68Finsterwalde246.3 Mbps9.8—37.65 Mbps12.98 Mbps3
69Seddin230.05 Mbps9.31—43.25 Mbps12.96 Mbps2
70Kriegerheimstaetten470.72 Mbps9.9—37.77 Mbps12.67 Mbps4
71Flottstelle321.63 Mbps9.31—36.74 Mbps12.65 Mbps3
72Melchow242.26 Mbps8.62—38.49 Mbps12.61 Mbps2
73Golm232.66 Mbps9.13—33.96 Mbps12.39 Mbps6
74Koenigs Wusterhausen243.73 Mbps8.47—41.56 Mbps12.35 Mbps4
75Madlow215.8 Mbps7.96—47.43 Mbps12.28 Mbps5
76Boblitz170.94 Mbps8.64—45.16 Mbps12.17 Mbps4
77Beeskow275.16 Mbps8.91—36.79 Mbps12.15 Mbps3
78Fredersdorf229.27 Mbps9—33.2 Mbps12.13 Mbps1
79Weinberge224.91 Mbps8.38—39.13 Mbps12.13 Mbps4
80Altlandsberg221.26 Mbps8.42—37.26 Mbps12.11 Mbps6
81Karstaedt101.99 Mbps8.94—37.18 Mbps12.02 Mbps1
82Michendorf234.27 Mbps8.72—43.92 Mbps11.98 Mbps3
83Schwarzheide255.38 Mbps8.44—35.05 Mbps11.98 Mbps2
84Neustadt346.08 Mbps8.95—40.67 Mbps11.97 Mbps4
85Glindow186.13 Mbps8.54—38.98 Mbps11.95 Mbps3
86Sonnenberg101.8 Mbps8.41—33.6 Mbps11.59 Mbps1
87Klein Jamno139.02 Mbps8.24—23.9 Mbps11.45 Mbps4
88Potsdam372.94 Mbps7.24—39.1 Mbps11.42 Mbps7
89Eberswalde243.25 Mbps8.73—35.58 Mbps11.37 Mbps5
90Guben191.46 Mbps8.16—29.3 Mbps11.29 Mbps3
91Schulzendorf220.22 Mbps7.81—44.67 Mbps11.24 Mbps3
92Schmellwitz364.22 Mbps7.74—45.78 Mbps11.17 Mbps5
93Seelow176.73 Mbps8.74—32.82 Mbps11.15 Mbps3
94Gransee231.8 Mbps7.63—56.96 Mbps11.05 Mbps2
95Passow102.3 Mbps8.74—37.56 Mbps11.03 Mbps1
96Bad Belzig191.95 Mbps7.34—36.59 Mbps10.94 Mbps4
97Bestensee229.41 Mbps7.98—31.95 Mbps10.92 Mbps2
98Lebuser Vorstadt376.95 Mbps7.43—36.74 Mbps10.88 Mbps5
99Bad Freienwalde228.1 Mbps7.56—39.14 Mbps10.8 Mbps4
100Neu Zauche219.84 Mbps7.37—30.95 Mbps10.72 Mbps2
101Wittmannsdorf253.41 Mbps8.18—29.89 Mbps10.58 Mbps3
102Cottbus290.63 Mbps7.06—39.04 Mbps10.56 Mbps6
103Premnitz146.52 Mbps6.35—31.21 Mbps10.5 Mbps3
104Werchau103.22 Mbps7.91—30.8 Mbps10.49 Mbps3
105Angermuende101.18 Mbps8.03—28.32 Mbps10.49 Mbps2
106Klein Gaglow353.91 Mbps8.51—35.94 Mbps10.44 Mbps1
107Lauchhammer102.3 Mbps7.51—29.16 Mbps10.39 Mbps3
108Liebsdorf211.79 Mbps8.1—27.52 Mbps10.32 Mbps2
109Knehden240.69 Mbps7.04—31.38 Mbps10.03 Mbps3
110Brieselang225.02 Mbps6.55—38.06 Mbps9.92 Mbps4
111Milow92.85 Mbps6.56—27.7 Mbps9.82 Mbps2
112Bad Liebenwerda219.32 Mbps6.36—31.48 Mbps9.78 Mbps4
113Silo217.89 Mbps5.96—31.22 Mbps9.4 Mbps4
114Beelitz235.05 Mbps6.1—34.33 Mbps9.06 Mbps4
115Altstadt97.51 Mbps5.94—27.88 Mbps8.76 Mbps4
116Zeuthen287.99 Mbps5.77—28.94 Mbps8.73 Mbps5
117Manschnow140.17 Mbps6.22—23 Mbps8.61 Mbps2
118Brandenburg West136.64 Mbps5.45—32.46 Mbps8.6 Mbps3
119Gross Kreutz143.09 Mbps6.35—23.5 Mbps8.36 Mbps5
120Ahrensfelde223.43 Mbps5.14—43.3 Mbps8.19 Mbps3
121Neuenhagen133.95 Mbps5.45—22.51 Mbps7.78 Mbps5
122Grebs230.95 Mbps5.35—30.59 Mbps7.77 Mbps3
123Strausberg228.27 Mbps5.65—32.18 Mbps7.69 Mbps5
124Werneuchen247.6 Mbps4.5—40.64 Mbps7.49 Mbps4
125Petershagen151.25 Mbps5.83—23.06 Mbps7.41 Mbps4
126Schwedt64.77 Mbps4.51—10.3 Mbps5.57 Mbps2
127Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten265.67 Mbps3.86—16.68 Mbps4.86 Mbps6
128Fichtenau91.98 Mbps2.03—19.97 Mbps4.03 Mbps2
129Gruenheide213.37 Mbps1.01—10.66 Mbps2.53 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Brandenburg

Brandenburg has 22 ISPs available.
DNS:NET Internet Service is the fastest provider in Brandenburg with 790.42 Mbps, and an average speed range of 13.16—44.28 Mbps.
Users in Brandenburg see an average internet speed of 9.1 up to 42.24 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 790.42 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Brandenburg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 509.46 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Brandenburg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 241.88 Mbps.
DNS:NET Internet Service is available in Brandenburg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 790.42 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Brandenburg is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2020