Internet Service Providers in Germany

Germany has 216 broadband providers available to its residents. The highest internet speed we've seen is 5675.29 Mbps, and typical real-world speeds vary from 23.52 to 93.17 Mbps. The fastest broadband speed we saw came from ProfitBricks, and we've seen internet speeds as high as 4504.58 Mbps from Accelerated IT Services, 3907.25 Mbps from imos, and 3643.8 Mbps from inexio. In terms of user numbers, Deutsche Telekom is the most popular broadband provider in Germany, followed by Vodafone and Liberty Global. The fastest cities in Germany include Riedbahn, Riederwald, and Frankfurt-Altstadt, and Germany's fastest internet providers are, Accelerated IT Services, and imos.

Germany Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Germany

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Regions
1ProfitBricks2261.64 Mbps660.87—1560.22 Mbps3
2MTI Teleport901.25 Mbps745.88—813.25 Mbps3
3combahton1923.83 Mbps289.46—731.93 Mbps6
4DARZ1945.9 Mbps45.22—845.42 Mbps1
5RS Gesellschaft fuer Informationstechnik1504.46 Mbps88.58—654.09 Mbps3
6RETN935.39 Mbps92.2—373.71 Mbps1
7HOSTWAY Deutschland1276.14 Mbps25.02—709.67 Mbps4
8fiberONE.de5675.29 Mbps104.95—440.17 Mbps2
9DEMANDO899.92 Mbps22.36—789.67 Mbps2
10interscholz Internet Services894.62 Mbps90.31—412.83 Mbps3
11TMR Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet944.36 Mbps92.51—518.09 Mbps5
12iWelt AG938.24 Mbps73.64—517.07 Mbps3
13PKN Datenkommunikation929.63 Mbps6.5—56.5 Mbps1
14pronexon938.36 Mbps76.9—233.3 Mbps2
15Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum944.72 Mbps49.16—292.41 Mbps5
16AlphaCron Datensysteme1894.58 Mbps88.47—168.26 Mbps5
17Globalways1297.26 Mbps28.12—253.45 Mbps10
18serve-u778.37 Mbps92.11—218.58 Mbps1
19Wizard Computersysteme1151.28 Mbps25.75—93.37 Mbps2
20ITENOS734.11 Mbps27.94—311.32 Mbps5
21e-shelter services922.78 Mbps38.52—232.6 Mbps3
221&1 Internet1455.87 Mbps11.5—157.61 Mbps8
23Liberty Global1021.07 Mbps48.64—260.55 Mbps22
24Deutsche Glasfaser945.74 Mbps48.03—292.84 Mbps20
25LWLcom948.34 Mbps73.54—159.27 Mbps5
26RB C+C939.42 Mbps18.34—241.29 Mbps1
27Buchholz Digital801.97 Mbps46.3—275.46 Mbps2
28S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber920.18 Mbps41.93—205.07 Mbps5
29NetUSE AG819.89 Mbps54.76—238.57 Mbps2
30Dr.-Ing. Nepustil936.52 Mbps35.38—165.44 Mbps2
31Artfiles New Media940.17 Mbps48.83—232.94 Mbps6
32Haendle & Korte942.73 Mbps63.73—195.51 Mbps3
33Accelerated IT Services4504.58 Mbps7.76—161.16 Mbps6
34Hofnetz & IT Services901.41 Mbps92.41—175.43 Mbps3
35PLANET IC722.62 Mbps9.65—132.33 Mbps1
36TelemaxX Telekommunikation938.67 Mbps35.02—126.2 Mbps5
37Vereinigte Stadtwerke Media945.61 Mbps44.79—241.67 Mbps4
38NETHINKS1296.81 Mbps15.2—182.29 Mbps9
39WITCOM945.77 Mbps20.06—121.36 Mbps2
40TNG Stadtnetz937.55 Mbps41.73—161.78 Mbps5
41OVIS IT Consulting562.31 Mbps53.28—146.54 Mbps2
42Vodafone2674.62 Mbps28.59—154.79 Mbps31
43vitroconnect946.84 Mbps41.21—179.38 Mbps11
44wilhelm.tel1806.59 Mbps60.15—101.08 Mbps5
45Colt1898.71 Mbps23.09—113.19 Mbps19
46Erdenreich Datentechnik884.63 Mbps23.11—179.02 Mbps5
47GlobalConnect A/S939.38 Mbps15.46—89.8 Mbps7
48CBXNET combox internet880.89 Mbps24.7—97.17 Mbps2
49ropa carrier solutions939.36 Mbps33.65—127.04 Mbps10
50teliko931.65 Mbps27.44—107.95 Mbps8
51GGEW net934.05 Mbps34.52—84.64 Mbps4
52Plus.line921.05 Mbps26.73—137.31 Mbps5
53Cablesurf937.74 Mbps33.58—168.02 Mbps23
54R-KOM928.26 Mbps27.57—182.65 Mbps5
55DTS Systeme847.7 Mbps15.42—91.55 Mbps6
56Stadtnetz Bamberg931.91 Mbps31.73—150.55 Mbps4
57bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom932.41 Mbps26.03—89.41 Mbps5
58Pfalzkom946.09 Mbps45.34—99.68 Mbps3
59Tele Columbus AG1715.93 Mbps28.45—154.76 Mbps9
60KomMITT Ratingen944.45 Mbps36.37—114.49 Mbps2
61GLOBE Development781.79 Mbps31.37—91.51 Mbps1
62toplink900.63 Mbps85.29—87.82 Mbps2
63D-hosting1603 Mbps15.15—55.02 Mbps3
64GELSEN-NET920.75 Mbps21.76—71.91 Mbps4
65FreiNet879.7 Mbps22.02—94.49 Mbps3
66noris network AG2360.31 Mbps12.98—83.35 Mbps12
67pop-interactive926.49 Mbps12.05—92.86 Mbps2
68imos3907.25 Mbps40.56—91.49 Mbps4
69Global Village467.29 Mbps11.15—90.79 Mbps3
70Stadtwerke Konstanz917.06 Mbps21.39—90.41 Mbps2
71EWE TEL SO903.86 Mbps34.55—98.07 Mbps5
72KAMP Netzwerkdienste936.94 Mbps8.2—85.61 Mbps7
73Heidelberg iT Management629 Mbps27.73—96.4 Mbps2
74IPHH Internet Port Hamburg803.97 Mbps22—93.29 Mbps2
75TELE AG899.92 Mbps32.93—99.73 Mbps21
76Milde Software Solutions270.71 Mbps32.37—101.29 Mbps1
77LEW TelNet921.06 Mbps32.37—98.72 Mbps8
78GoeTel1732.78 Mbps31.51—95.52 Mbps3
79Trusted Network799.24 Mbps9.77—82.85 Mbps2
80komro922.84 Mbps38—92.37 Mbps3
81Wieske's Crew928.6 Mbps15.13—51.94 Mbps3
82Claranet1152.94 Mbps18.23—79.1 Mbps12
83IPB Internet Provider Berlin624.47 Mbps6.64—91.3 Mbps4
84NetCologne939.99 Mbps25.69—90.14 Mbps8
85HeLi NET Telekommunikation936.94 Mbps29.29—92.89 Mbps7
86rockenstein AG3025.01 Mbps16.15—84.17 Mbps12
87DNS:NET Internet Service1870.96 Mbps22.69—91.47 Mbps7
88htp927.12 Mbps29.33—89.03 Mbps4
89MiSaxNet760.51 Mbps14.1—85.95 Mbps1
90Tata Communications907.21 Mbps4.77—73.42 Mbps3
91Titan Networks470.01 Mbps44.97—88.42 Mbps1
92KEVAG Telekom905.67 Mbps25.86—97.01 Mbps4
93Epcan1750.06 Mbps34.61—90.21 Mbps2
94Stiegeler Internet Service747.59 Mbps28.94—91.21 Mbps3
95Broadcore705.25 Mbps17.21—84.78 Mbps2
96Monzoon Networks AG441.66 Mbps21.39—95.87 Mbps2
97siebnich-com1464.48 Mbps31.49—92.68 Mbps4
98M2473358.69 Mbps16.86—79.25 Mbps7
99WEBDISCOUNT836.81 Mbps14.96—84.76 Mbps7
100tkrz Stadtwerke923.43 Mbps33.68—75.27 Mbps4
101Wobcom938.07 Mbps29.77—81.83 Mbps4
102comtrance820.02 Mbps7.53—61.97 Mbps4
103scanplus993.59 Mbps13.53—69.94 Mbps27
104Wemacom Telekommunikation911.2 Mbps24.48—95.01 Mbps3
105TraveKom803.48 Mbps13.53—81.07 Mbps4
106SOCO Network Solutions926.72 Mbps23.09—62.24 Mbps2
107Keyweb864.12 Mbps12.66—72.42 Mbps5
108akquinet outsourcing1534.18 Mbps5.38—47.77 Mbps3
109Bisping & Bisping955.9 Mbps39.29—57.27 Mbps16
110FILIADATA-AS1603.44 Mbps8.8—14.15 Mbps3
111net services925.35 Mbps23.98—82.59 Mbps12
112FNOH DSL Suedheide662.6 Mbps14.88—65.61 Mbps2
113VSE NET939.9 Mbps24.32—78.2 Mbps15
114MDlink online service center906.9 Mbps29.42—93.3 Mbps7
115M-net1606.57 Mbps21.49—84.18 Mbps17
116DOKOM Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation933.22 Mbps19.97—88.52 Mbps6
117ecotel communication ag923.47 Mbps19.67—84.55 Mbps27
118Orange Business Services905.3 Mbps11.57—71.01 Mbps4
119Stadtwerke Schorndorf471.41 Mbps24.99—61.81 Mbps2
120BT887.28 Mbps17.99—65.44 Mbps10
121IBH IT-Service880.12 Mbps12.21—64.63 Mbps3
122Thuga SmartService939.19 Mbps24.18—68.19 Mbps18
123RegioNet Schweinfurt832.21 Mbps23.29—67.21 Mbps1
124Telekommunikation Lindau1542.36 Mbps12.61—46.7 Mbps5
125VISTEC825.93 Mbps20.53—76.47 Mbps5
126true global communications830.72 Mbps26.65—75.42 Mbps2
127Deutsche Telekom1822.63 Mbps19.74—79.37 Mbps31
128Hurricane Electric939 Mbps4.81—48.69 Mbps6
129RSM Freilassing, Michael Rack483.1 Mbps40.14—52.67 Mbps5
130suec//dacor939.34 Mbps25.34—49.26 Mbps7
131AnschlussWerk719.94 Mbps20.7—70.48 Mbps3
132TeleData815.85 Mbps21.36—57.29 Mbps3
133RFTkabel Brandenburg476.48 Mbps25.76—66.76 Mbps3
134HL komm928.02 Mbps18.09—72.78 Mbps10
135ThuringenDSL739.31 Mbps22.61—69.1 Mbps6
136e.discom Telekommunikation1098.34 Mbps18.33—67.39 Mbps7
137SpaceNet AG857.43 Mbps12.32—48 Mbps3
138MK Netzdienste936.92 Mbps13.79—76.22 Mbps26
139NGN Operations574.18 Mbps22.24—54.44 Mbps4
140Verizon Business - EMEA892.4 Mbps9.6—62.42 Mbps24
141euNetworks Group1074.63 Mbps15.2—55.71 Mbps12
142HessenKom929.88 Mbps28.03—48.51 Mbps3
14323media948.89 Mbps13.31—59.68 Mbps9
144Linde1440.37 Mbps13.95—51.08 Mbps1
145EWETel2705.86 Mbps17.71—55.98 Mbps14
146cyberways534.37 Mbps18.62—75.67 Mbps3
147VIA NET.WORKS762.08 Mbps9.18—56.44 Mbps6
148SWU TeleNet939.71 Mbps16.81—76.92 Mbps4
149ENTEGA Medianet941.95 Mbps23.56—46.62 Mbps5
150RoutIT130.42 Mbps21.68—49.14 Mbps1
151Netcom Kassel1363.72 Mbps22.45—53.55 Mbps4
152inexio3643.8 Mbps19.47—53.53 Mbps21
153COM-IN Telekommunikation900.59 Mbps18.65—53.86 Mbps4
154Plusnet919.48 Mbps18.47—65.6 Mbps31
155PricewaterhouseCoopers928.07 Mbps13.63—39.51 Mbps3
156Telefonica Germany913.43 Mbps18.94—56.92 Mbps31
157Cogent Communications1256 Mbps13.77—49.1 Mbps9
158NetCom BW1705.71 Mbps14.6—44.13 Mbps10
159RelAix Networks2616.47 Mbps1.97—28.85 Mbps4
160Brandl Services888.21 Mbps19.06—47.65 Mbps5
161nexiu519.28 Mbps15.18—45.74 Mbps8
162Kom4tel490.17 Mbps12.09—53.73 Mbps1
163omnidat200.55 Mbps23.73—47.25 Mbps1
164Thuringer Netkom874.63 Mbps11.83—45.43 Mbps4
165Forcepoint Cloud298.52 Mbps14.49—53.37 Mbps1
166iWelt770.11 Mbps13.11—16.06 Mbps2
167mywire Datentechnik94.37 Mbps19.04—49.66 Mbps10
168CCNST Deutschland745.37 Mbps18.63—44.51 Mbps5
169Schunenberg Computer158.59 Mbps19.43—56.5 Mbps1
170rdt307.61 Mbps21.12—46.5 Mbps1
171VIRTELA-NET-VDLFRN2206.23 Mbps12.33—54.86 Mbps1
172NYNEX satellite OHG100.84 Mbps31.32—45.17 Mbps1
173intersaar896.68 Mbps10.76—39.62 Mbps7
174VOXILITY706.37 Mbps10.96—44.24 Mbps1
175IABG TELEPORT695.35 Mbps2.56—55.21 Mbps2
176envia TEL976.33 Mbps11.39—39.9 Mbps13
177PfalzConnect916.61 Mbps11.64—35.88 Mbps2
178AT&T EMEA801.79 Mbps10.36—27.05 Mbps7
179Telia Carrier716.55 Mbps13.72—31.48 Mbps9
180Otto2699.97 Mbps8.86—35.5 Mbps1
181Turk Telekom International109.22 Mbps15.92—45.38 Mbps1
182KNT Internet438.39 Mbps14.41—35.72 Mbps2
183NetAachen777.41 Mbps5.44—37.55 Mbps1
184sdt.net763.61 Mbps17.66—32.52 Mbps3
185HKN2068.35 Mbps6.99—18.59 Mbps6
186ADDIX Internet Services944.68 Mbps3.06—20.15 Mbps6
187oscon itk92.91 Mbps18.07—24.92 Mbps1
188Ilm-Provider436.73 Mbps10.82—29.65 Mbps3
189NU Informationssysteme195.52 Mbps9.49—34.36 Mbps3
190Netzquadrat563.86 Mbps7.63—40.67 Mbps2
191Genias Internet131.98 Mbps13.1—32.09 Mbps1
192SSP Europe853.5 Mbps4.92—15.49 Mbps2
193The Cloud Networks Germany380.39 Mbps8.03—31.22 Mbps2
194CareFusion195.87 Mbps5.34—35.22 Mbps1
195Bartels System74.61 Mbps11.3—31.01 Mbps1
196Expereo International bv328.64 Mbps15.12—21.52 Mbps2
197ASN-ORNG-NORD182.27 Mbps9.62—23.65 Mbps2
198Profineon25.35 Mbps14.47—20.97 Mbps2
199antilo AG179.45 Mbps3.97—21.15 Mbps6
200ith Kommunikationstechnik90.42 Mbps6.1—25.49 Mbps3
201ASN-ORNG-SUED474.35 Mbps5.68—21.38 Mbps2
202www.funknetz.at20.07 Mbps15.48—19.78 Mbps4
203macnetix network56.66 Mbps12.6—15.78 Mbps1
204Eonix E.U. Region321.07 Mbps3.41—13.65 Mbps1
205SysEleven915.8 Mbps3.74—14.64 Mbps8
206SES ASTRA49.2 Mbps5.9—21.19 Mbps1
207mieX63.33 Mbps6.32—15.72 Mbps2
208ACO Computerservice51.57 Mbps4.24—11.35 Mbps4
209SHPV FRANCE15.95 Mbps2.05—4.22 Mbps1
210Hughes Network Systems99.25 Mbps0.96—9.67 Mbps1
211Freifunk Bremen55.05 Mbps3.77—8.89 Mbps3
212Xirra27.05 Mbps2.86—8.8 Mbps1
213Nessus87.07 Mbps2.24—4.86 Mbps2
214Telxius Cable139.16 Mbps1.64—3.4 Mbps3
215IQ networks23.2 Mbps0.85—3.85 Mbps1
216FastIraq15.46 Mbps0.3—1.06 Mbps1

Germany Regions By Broadband Speed

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Regierungsbezirk Munster1750.0631.04—118.99 Mbps44.86 Mbps41
2Duesseldorf District1898.7129.44—103.51 Mbps43.61 Mbps52
3Schleswig-Holstein1092.727.5—103.93 Mbps42.15 Mbps37
4Hamburg2699.9726.47—93.18 Mbps41.51 Mbps42
5Bremen1761.6427.28—108.06 Mbps41.29 Mbps19
6Upper Bavaria2360.3127.67—90.84 Mbps41.26 Mbps60
7Cologne District2616.4727.57—97.03 Mbps41.03 Mbps51
8Middle Franconia2239.2327.55—91.98 Mbps41.03 Mbps35
9Regierungsbezirk Giessen981.0928.1—93.85 Mbps40.56 Mbps26
10Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart1297.2626.74—103.71 Mbps40.3 Mbps52
11Karlsruhe Region2068.3526.54—104.66 Mbps39.93 Mbps40
12Lower Saxony2705.8624.32—94.01 Mbps36.58 Mbps64
13Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg1152.9423.74—99.54 Mbps36.51 Mbps40
14Upper Franconia939.3424.17—89.2 Mbps35.9 Mbps23
15Lower Franconia3025.0124.02—88.04 Mbps35.66 Mbps35
16Freiburg Region1705.7123.39—92.88 Mbps35.38 Mbps28
17Land Berlin2261.6422.74—93.68 Mbps35.36 Mbps49
18Swabia994.0523.14—88.33 Mbps34.6 Mbps28
19Tübingen Region1022.2523.43—95.86 Mbps34.24 Mbps39
20Regierungsbezirk Kassel1296.8122.81—89.88 Mbps34.03 Mbps28
21Brandenburg1098.3422.02—84.82 Mbps33.89 Mbps28
22Saarland3643.822.41—89.75 Mbps33.28 Mbps12
23Rheinland-Pfalz1051.9422.23—87.9 Mbps33.05 Mbps46
24Upper Palatinate935.7622.02—85.12 Mbps32.02 Mbps16
25Regierungsbezirk Detmold3358.6919.58—92.02 Mbps31.32 Mbps33
26Lower Bavaria928.0420.63—73.49 Mbps31.24 Mbps23
27Regierungsbezirk Darmstadt5675.2919.74—92.9 Mbps29.44 Mbps160
28Thuringia1894.5817.23—76.98 Mbps25.87 Mbps32
29Saxony-Anhalt930.616.11—66.29 Mbps25.79 Mbps24
30Saxony1887.7415.46—70.22 Mbps24.86 Mbps35
31Mecklenburg-Vorpommern951.9315.16—71.86 Mbps24.4 Mbps25

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Germany

Germany has 216 ISPs available to its 81,802,257 residents.
ProfitBricks is the fastest provider in Germany with 2261.64 Mbps, and a typical real-world speed range of 660.87—1560.22 Mbps.
ProfitBricks is the best provider in Germany, and their users typically see speeds in the range of 660.87 to 1560.22 Mbps.
Users in Germany see an average internet speed of 23.52 up to 93.17 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 5675.29 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Germany, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1822.63 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Germany, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 2674.62 Mbps.
Liberty Global is available in Germany, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1021.07 Mbps.
Telefonica Germany is available in Germany, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 913.43 Mbps.
Deutsche Glasfaser is available in Germany, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 945.74 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Germany is Deutsche Telekom.