France's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

France's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

09 Aug 2020 10 Aug 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Orange France936.45 MbpsFree989.81 MbpsFree4489.98 Mbps
Free926.75 MbpsOrange France932.99 MbpsBouygues Telecom ISP1402.97 Mbps
SFR Group752.28 MbpsBouygues Telecom ISP904.13 MbpsJaguar Network1373.33 Mbps
KWAOO, K-NET707.63 MbpsREUNICABLE903.77 MbpsOrange France946.39 Mbps
Bouygues Telecom ISP667.28 MbpsSFR Group899.41 MbpsREUNICABLE946.3 Mbps
Numericable636.99 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET630.59 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET945.27 Mbps
REUNICABLE484.58 MbpsNumericable626.61 MbpsSFR Group941.8 Mbps
Serveurcom352.02 MbpsServeurcom362.67 MbpsIkoula940.4 Mbps
M247204.44 MbpsM247326.82 MbpsNumericable938.05 Mbps
Stella Telecom32.28 MbpsAlphalink121.42 MbpsCoriolis933.52 Mbps

France's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

09 Aug 2020 10 Aug 2020 Previous 12 Months 
KWAOO, K-NET60.96—321.82 MbpsREUNICABLE154.68—495.71 MbpsCELESTE46.64—916.65 Mbps
Numericable77.1—273.82 MbpsNumericable82.2—299.07 MbpsMediactive Network74.77—249.49 Mbps
REUNICABLE33.12—154.02 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET50.36—119.49 MbpsColt18.84—316.74 Mbps
Orange France8.89—175.97 MbpsOrange France10.36—164.11 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET53.77—223.15 Mbps
SFR Group14.06—153.68 MbpsSFR Group12.03—139.58 MbpsFirstheberg45.6—199.6 Mbps
Free10.09—97.24 MbpsBouygues Telecom ISP11.33—118.62 MbpsWebaxys21.74—240.4 Mbps
Serveurcom9.13—96.06 MbpsFree10.13—109.49 MbpsKHEOPS Organisation88.23—90.65 Mbps
Bouygues Telecom ISP9.51—91.52 MbpsServeurcom8.87—97.28 MbpsNETWORTH TELECOM85.78—88.11 Mbps
M2476.02—35.92 MbpsAlphalink12.91—57.8 MbpsREUNICABLE32.33—163.21 Mbps
Stella Telecom7.82—16.97 MbpsJaguar Network3.84—48.43 MbpsIntegra43.36—129.87 Mbps

France's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

09 Aug 2020 10 Aug 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Societe Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication16.18 MbpsStella Telecom28.16 MbpsYemenNet1.6 Mbps
Stella Telecom32.28 MbpsSociete Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication40.28 MbpsAfghan Wireless Communications Company1.94 Mbps
M247204.44 MbpsJaguar Network77.61 MbpsEcuadortelecom20.41 Mbps
Serveurcom352.02 MbpsAlphalink121.42 MbpsEolas28.08 Mbps
REUNICABLE484.58 MbpsM247326.82 MbpsSES ASTRA33.1 Mbps
Numericable636.99 MbpsServeurcom362.67 MbpsOrange Business Services North America33.16 Mbps
Bouygues Telecom ISP667.28 MbpsNumericable626.61 MbpsSkylogic33.55 Mbps
KWAOO, K-NET707.63 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET630.59 MbpsBlue Networks Technologies41 Mbps
SFR Group752.28 MbpsSFR Group899.41 MbpshSo Group41.1 Mbps
Free926.75 MbpsREUNICABLE903.77 MbpsAssociation Gitoyen54.59 Mbps

France's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

09 Aug 2020 10 Aug 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Societe Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication0.84—4.77 MbpsSociete Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication4.25—14.22 MbpshSo Group0.31—0.47 Mbps
Stella Telecom7.82—16.97 MbpsStella Telecom7.66—16.78 MbpsYemenNet0.18—0.92 Mbps
M2476.02—35.92 MbpsM2474.89—28.65 MbpsAfghan Wireless Communications Company0.29—0.72 Mbps
Bouygues Telecom ISP9.51—91.52 MbpsJaguar Network3.84—48.43 MbpsiBrowse SARL0.79—1.92 Mbps
Serveurcom9.13—96.06 MbpsAlphalink12.91—57.8 MbpsOrange Business Services North America1.07—8.48 Mbps
Free10.09—97.24 MbpsServeurcom8.87—97.28 MbpsEcuadortelecom1.32—9.07 Mbps
SFR Group14.06—153.68 MbpsFree10.13—109.49 MbpsVOXILITY1.58—8.61 Mbps
Orange France8.89—175.97 MbpsBouygues Telecom ISP11.33—118.62 MbpsSOLUTIONS INFORMATIQUES SERVICES2.41—7.74 Mbps
REUNICABLE33.12—154.02 MbpsSFR Group12.03—139.58 MbpsNXO France1.63—10.17 Mbps
Numericable77.1—273.82 MbpsOrange France10.36—164.11 MbpsSARL Abeille1.77—10.48 Mbps
Last updated: 12 Aug 2020