France's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

France's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

22 Oct 2021 23 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Free4878.44 MbpsFree3577.08 MbpsFree6129.67 Mbps
SFR Group1460.98 MbpsSFR Group2041.01 MbpsAPPLIWAVE5615.65 Mbps
M2471226.28 MbpsBouygues Telecom ISP1024.4 MbpsZayo France5181.43 Mbps
Orange France945.5 MbpsOrange France944.93 MbpsSFR Group4949.03 Mbps
Bouygues Telecom ISP943.54 MbpsM247936.27 MbpsNTT Global IP Network4331.47 Mbps
CELESTE925.34 MbpsJaguar Network932.82 MbpsM2473659.61 Mbps
Adeli908.5 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET930.83 MbpsBouygues Telecom ISP2797.71 Mbps
Jaguar Network883.35 MbpsREUNICABLE750.22 MbpsJaguar Network2626.29 Mbps
Blue840.79 MbpsNumericable686.37 MbpsOceanet Technology2428.07 Mbps
Numericable819.5 MbpsServeurcom500.87 MbpsFLEX NETWORK2232.11 Mbps

France's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

22 Oct 2021 23 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Adeli124.15—469.75 MbpsREUNICABLE191.07—413.72 MbpsEcritel39.2—642.17 Mbps
REGIES159.92—166.35 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET93.42—334.41 MbpsCELESTE46.87—613.18 Mbps
KWAOO, K-NET74.13—287.15 MbpsSFR Group24.78—265.18 MbpsColt38.88—614.78 Mbps
REUNICABLE79.7—249.98 MbpsBouygues Telecom ISP18.6—255.52 Mbpsmoji88.7—491.67 Mbps
Serveurcom44.94—285.27 MbpsOrange France20.62—239.94 MbpsAPPLIWAVE77.38—483.52 Mbps
CELESTE25.61—294.98 MbpsFree18.56—203.43 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET69.2—383.74 Mbps
SFR Group26.89—271.89 MbpsJaguar Network52.27—93.03 MbpsIkoula7.5—361.23 Mbps
Bouygues Telecom ISP20.35—253.16 MbpsNumericable30.14—95.33 MbpsREUNICABLE72.13—230.43 Mbps
Orange France21.16—251.19 MbpsM24720.68—106.44 MbpsOwentis90.51—190.81 Mbps
Free22.73—230.96 MbpsCoriolis15.34—65.59 MbpsBlue Infra60.02—242.15 Mbps

France's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

22 Oct 2021 23 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
FullSave51.79 MbpsSociete Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication42.52 MbpsYemenNet1.51 Mbps
NETWORTH TELECOM87 MbpsSkylogic88.08 MbpsEcuadortelecom20.41 Mbps
Colt92.34 MbpsAlphalink102.81 MbpsOrange Business Services North America33.16 Mbps
Acropolis Telecom93.05 MbpsADISTA250.26 MbpshSo Group41.1 Mbps
NORMHOST95.06 MbpsCoriolis479.7 MbpsSES ASTRA70.12 Mbps
Skylogic103.89 MbpsServeurcom500.87 MbpsEmirates Integrated Telecommunication Company72.04 Mbps
KEYYO SA169.72 MbpsNumericable686.37 MbpsProximus91.51 Mbps
ADISTA208.2 MbpsREUNICABLE750.22 MbpsNUMLOG94.28 Mbps
Completel229.9 MbpsKWAOO, K-NET930.83 Mbpsi3D.net100.33 Mbps
REUNICABLE349.76 MbpsJaguar Network932.82 MbpsINFOMIL100.72 Mbps

France's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

22 Oct 2021 23 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
KEYYO SA1.05—12.97 MbpsADISTA1.37—10.58 MbpsYemenNet0.15—0.52 Mbps
Alphalink9.88—11.78 MbpsSociete Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication1.58—10.29 MbpshSo Group0.31—0.47 Mbps
FullSave1.78—28.04 MbpsAlphalink9.93—11.61 MbpsOrange Business Services North America1.07—8.48 Mbps
Blue8.34—28.04 MbpsServeurcom4.73—25.87 MbpsEcuadortelecom1.32—9.07 Mbps
Societe Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication5.99—35 MbpsSkylogic19.83—56.51 MbpsiBrowse SARL0.92—15.01 Mbps
Colt9.87—54.36 MbpsCoriolis15.34—65.59 MbpsEmirates Integrated Telecommunication Company2.31—12.31 Mbps
APPLIWAVE14.94—49.52 MbpsM24720.68—106.44 MbpsSHPV FRANCE3.07—19.84 Mbps
NETWORTH TELECOM22.05—73.3 MbpsNumericable30.14—95.33 MbpsSARL Abeille3.96—18.98 Mbps
Sewan Communications18.89—82.01 MbpsJaguar Network52.27—93.03 MbpsTata Communications4.57—18.51 Mbps
Skylogic25.76—72.49 MbpsFree18.56—203.43 MbpsALPESYS9.63—9.72 Mbps
Last updated: 25 Oct 2021