Internet Providers in Yvelines

There are 41 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Yvelines. Typical internet speeds vary from 24.35 to 199.39 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 4102.27 Mbps from Free. Other fast providers include Orange France with 947.66 Mbps, Bouygues Telecom ISP with 940.58 Mbps, and KWAOO, K-NET with 939.97 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Yvelines are 155.86% better than the France national average of 15.79 Mbps. The most common provider in Yvelines is Orange France, their typical speeds ranging from 42.14 to 337.87 Mbps.

Yvelines Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Yvelines

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Free4102.27 Mbps10.75—93.85 Mbps160
2Orange France947.66 Mbps42.14—337.87 Mbps140
3SFR Group936.6 Mbps35.84—148.83 Mbps114
4Bouygues Telecom ISP940.58 Mbps15.97—158.11 Mbps112
5Numericable938.05 Mbps33.15—164.97 Mbps18
6KWAOO, K-NET939.97 Mbps46.47—226.09 Mbps8
7Coriolis864.75 Mbps44.95—146.34 Mbps8
8Axione917.62 Mbps37.36—106.5 Mbps6
9Colt758.98 Mbps6.22—129.17 Mbps4
10ADISTA119.27 Mbps5.18—50.74 Mbps4
11Sewan Communications95.81 Mbps5.42—13.02 Mbps3
12Blue Infra340.64 Mbps96.26—310.44 Mbps2
13Jaguar Network112.06 Mbps1.44—76.83 Mbps2
14Nerim97.79 Mbps9.92—94.19 Mbps2
15Serveurcom92.96 Mbps5.53—16.21 Mbps2
16NETWORTH TELECOM95.85 Mbps1.96—23.45 Mbps2
17IC Telecom82.2 Mbps10.28—21.86 Mbps2
18Cogent Communications41.5 Mbps4.8—36.03 Mbps2
19Completel93.34 Mbps3.63—18.55 Mbps2
20ALSATIS93.71 Mbps2.56—14.4 Mbps2
21Orange394.34 Mbps34.78—266.01 Mbps1
22CELESTE909.28 Mbps1.4—75.68 Mbps1
23Alphalink281.78 Mbps76.13—95.87 Mbps1
24REUNICABLE756.64 Mbps30.35—146.4 Mbps1
25FLEX NETWORK685.22 Mbps35.93—176.16 Mbps1
26Netrix240.78 Mbps4.55—98.97 Mbps1
27Altitude Infrastructure396.61 Mbps17.07—87.35 Mbps1
28Quantic Telecom94.76 Mbps4.14—90.4 Mbps1
29FrameIP134.19 Mbps3.33—3.61 Mbps1
30Skylogic34.77 Mbps29.4—33.55 Mbps1
31NUMLOG67.15 Mbps12.62—34.93 Mbps1
32Covage Networks77.68 Mbps8.32—46.71 Mbps1
33Cloudata237.27 Mbps6.84—26.58 Mbps1
34OpenIP16.1 Mbps0—15.7 Mbps1
35Societe Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication34.46 Mbps3.28—26.46 Mbps1
36Acropolis Telecom92.77 Mbps4.86—8.73 Mbps1
37NXO France11.32 Mbps0—8.94 Mbps1
38Hub One SA9.5 Mbps6—9.5 Mbps1
39IPeva8.98 Mbps0—6.38 Mbps1
40Hexanet5.35 Mbps4.69—5.06 Mbps1
41Mediactive Network3.89 Mbps2.35—3.69 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Yvelines

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Croissy-sur-Seine925.67 Mbps88.45—532.36 Mbps146.97 Mbps7
2Acheres930.56 Mbps50.01—537.02 Mbps128 Mbps5
3Saint-Germain-en-Laye940.53 Mbps71.31—462.65 Mbps100.43 Mbps5
4Élancourt936.49 Mbps52.63—331.11 Mbps92.1 Mbps4
5Montigny-le-Bretonneux923.45 Mbps90—160.51 Mbps91.84 Mbps8
6La Celle-Saint-Cloud918.92 Mbps41.78—643.09 Mbps83.91 Mbps4
7Buc900.15 Mbps79.43—81.65 Mbps80.18 Mbps4
8Versailles939.23 Mbps44.79—274.74 Mbps80.16 Mbps7
9Chatou931.24 Mbps44.36—190.98 Mbps79.7 Mbps6
10Bazemont503.38 Mbps67.72—84.25 Mbps73.47 Mbps4
11Plaisir3757.09 Mbps41.08—273.26 Mbps68.88 Mbps5
12Maurepas926.78 Mbps34.95—262.49 Mbps61.7 Mbps6
13Ecquevilly939.97 Mbps34.78—84.72 Mbps61.29 Mbps7
14Le Vesinet930.23 Mbps38.87—93.36 Mbps59.38 Mbps4
15Houilles2031.21 Mbps35.17—320.61 Mbps58.97 Mbps5
16Bougival924.39 Mbps33—93.96 Mbps55.77 Mbps4
17Le Pecq908.2 Mbps31.79—324.51 Mbps55.65 Mbps5
18Carrieres-sur-Seine867.66 Mbps34.05—136.99 Mbps51.87 Mbps4
19Bois-d'Arcy938.29 Mbps32.25—222.42 Mbps50.47 Mbps4
20Sartrouville1713.93 Mbps31.15—194.76 Mbps44.75 Mbps5
21Aubergenville927.63 Mbps26.54—111.29 Mbps43.21 Mbps5
22Mantes-la-Jolie934.76 Mbps28.83—177.47 Mbps42 Mbps6
23Montesson2057.8 Mbps24.97—193.24 Mbps41.25 Mbps4
24Limay930.46 Mbps25.94—179.81 Mbps40.47 Mbps4
25Triel-sur-Seine928.07 Mbps27.27—171.42 Mbps38.68 Mbps4
26Guyancourt938.05 Mbps21.23—145.09 Mbps33.96 Mbps7
27Mantes-la-Ville926.94 Mbps21.02—140.15 Mbps33.91 Mbps4
28Andresy898.54 Mbps25.07—97.55 Mbps32.32 Mbps5
29Poissy901.32 Mbps20.46—133.51 Mbps31.16 Mbps8
30Verneuil-sur-Seine887.68 Mbps20.91—100.33 Mbps30.04 Mbps5
31Limetz-Villez30.82 Mbps29.19—30.22 Mbps29.44 Mbps3
32Voisins-le-Bretonneux932.47 Mbps18.56—101 Mbps29.21 Mbps6
33Rambouillet936.45 Mbps15.17—252.32 Mbps29.06 Mbps5
34Le Chesnay931.22 Mbps16.96—365.76 Mbps29.04 Mbps6
35Les Clayes-sous-Bois931.53 Mbps14.6—95.85 Mbps27.37 Mbps5
36Trappes2052.46 Mbps18.4—115.64 Mbps26.9 Mbps7
37Fontenay-le-Fleury938.74 Mbps12.89—191.73 Mbps26.59 Mbps4
38Saint-Cyr-l'École927.41 Mbps15.44—140.74 Mbps25.16 Mbps4
39Noisy-le-Roi867.45 Mbps16.9—77.95 Mbps24.54 Mbps4
40Conflans-Sainte-Honorine941.93 Mbps13.97—132.72 Mbps23.87 Mbps4
41Maule925.47 Mbps12.83—150.7 Mbps23.35 Mbps5
42Vélizy-Villacoublay1218.42 Mbps13.24—88.92 Mbps22.77 Mbps8
43Vernouillet885.51 Mbps12.28—93.33 Mbps22.23 Mbps4
44Villepreux935.88 Mbps14.17—151.67 Mbps22.13 Mbps5
45Buchelay870.29 Mbps9.69—73.93 Mbps16.65 Mbps6
46Carrieres-sous-Poissy931.52 Mbps11.7—91.51 Mbps16.25 Mbps5
47Marly-le-Roi874.16 Mbps9.9—60.52 Mbps14.02 Mbps4
48Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines921.38 Mbps8.58—76.85 Mbps13.31 Mbps6
49Chevreuse900.92 Mbps6.28—146.45 Mbps12.06 Mbps5
50Gargenville922.63 Mbps8.14—65.14 Mbps11.45 Mbps4
51Maisons-Laffitte1460.68 Mbps7.32—43.08 Mbps10.85 Mbps4
52Viroflay930.16 Mbps6.67—34.68 Mbps10.05 Mbps5
53Les Mureaux873.72 Mbps6.25—23.84 Mbps7.22 Mbps5
54Les Essarts-le-Roi149.62 Mbps4.83—11.47 Mbps6.77 Mbps3
55Neauphle-le-Chateau909.97 Mbps3.69—27.94 Mbps5.72 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Yvelines

Yvelines has 41 ISPs available.
Free is the fastest provider in Yvelines with 4102.27 Mbps, and an average speed range of 10.75—93.85 Mbps.
Users in Yvelines see an average internet speed of 24.35 up to 199.39 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 4102.27 Mbps.
Orange France is available in Yvelines, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 947.66 Mbps.
Free is available in Yvelines, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 4102.27 Mbps.
SFR Group is available in Yvelines, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 936.6 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Yvelines is Orange France.

Last updated: 22 Jan 2021