Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil ISPs

Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil residents have run speed tests on 1 provider. This number is 58.68% below the France average of 2.42 providers. The most common provider in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil is Altitude Infrastructure, with a maximum recorded speed of 786.43 Mbps, and the typical home user seeing speeds in the range of 19.89—70.28 Mbps. Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil's fastest provider is also Altitude Infrastructure, and the highest speed we've seen from them is 786.43 Mbps. Overall, the average real-world speed users will see in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil is 25.74 Mbps, which is 116.12% above the France national average of 11.91 Mbps, and 284.18% above the average of 6.7 Mbps in Eure. Internet speeds in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil are typically faster than Le Roncenay-Authenay, but slower than Garencieres. Nearby cities include Le Vaudreuil with speeds 4.19—14.5 Mbps, Incarville with speeds 1.99—6.92 Mbps, and Val-de-Reuil with speeds 4.26—18.06 Mbps.


  • Altitude Infrastructure
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Internet in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil


Fastest city in France


Best speed range city in Eure

786.43 Mbps

Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil's fastest speed

19.89—70.28 Mbps

Typical speed range available to Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil residents

How Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil Compares to Major Cities

City / TownMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50% 
Lyon677.5 Mbps18.24—69.8 Mbps26.04 MbpsFaster
Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil786.43 Mbps19.89—70.28 Mbps25.74 Mbps-
Paris2914.08 Mbps8.16—51.09 Mbps10.54 MbpsSlower
Toulouse899.01 Mbps12.76—104.04 Mbps21.73 MbpsSlower
Nice908.73 Mbps11.57—94.03 Mbps17.66 MbpsSlower
Nantes935.04 Mbps12.11—127.14 Mbps22.07 MbpsSlower
Strasbourg942.44 Mbps12.89—169.74 Mbps21.74 MbpsSlower
Montpellier929.63 Mbps9.24—83.84 Mbps15.54 MbpsSlower
Bordeaux929.12 Mbps11.9—98.46 Mbps19.77 MbpsSlower
Lille928.28 Mbps14.07—95.21 Mbps25.04 MbpsSlower

Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil Over Time

How Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil Compares for Internet Speed in Eure

PositionCity / TownMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50% 
3Pont-Audemer903.86 Mbps15.67—536.42 Mbps43.75 MbpsFaster
4Garencieres673.03 Mbps22.21—232.56 Mbps36.13 MbpsFaster
5Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil786.43 Mbps19.89—70.28 Mbps25.74 Mbps-
6Le Roncenay-Authenay256.8 Mbps9.31—103.6 Mbps17.95 MbpsSlower
7La Noe-Poulain49.74 Mbps13.57—29.29 Mbps17.24 MbpsSlower

Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil Speed Test Results

We analysed the results of people in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil test providers multiple times, with each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous speed test. On average, people in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil ran 2 speed tests per session. Looking at download speeds, if the Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil resident's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd hope their ISP contacts them ASAP! For speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil's residents, of the speed tests we measured, 50% were fast, 16.67% slow, and 33.33% broadly the same.
Most Recent Tests
ProviderStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Altitude Infrastructure26 Jun 2020 17:36:3826 mins19.08 Mbps18.13 Mbps
Altitude Infrastructure23 Jun 2020 20:51:18236 secs16.73 Mbps20.05 MbpsImproved
Altitude Infrastructure20 Jun 2020 00:58:32232 secs3.79 Mbps1.08 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Altitude Infrastructure19 Jun 2020 18:32:06213 mins63.43 Mbps66.75 Mbps
Altitude Infrastructure17 Jun 2020 10:17:3222 mins70.28 Mbps74.66 Mbps
Altitude Infrastructure11 Jun 2020 21:02:17234 secs32.61 Mbps55.51 MbpsImproved
Altitude Infrastructure10 Jun 2020 11:45:0822 mins19.65 Mbps41.63 MbpsImproved
Altitude Infrastructure10 Jun 2020 09:12:56222 secs24.23 Mbps50 MbpsImproved
Altitude Infrastructure02 Jun 2020 15:03:29238 secs248.9 Mbps347.91 MbpsImproved

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Altitude Infrastructure786.43 Mbps19.89—70.28 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil

Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil has 1 ISP tested.
Altitude Infrastructure is the fastest provider in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil with 786.43 Mbps, and an average speed range of 19.89—70.28 Mbps.
The best provider in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil in Altitude Infrastructure, and their users typically see speeds in the range of 19.89 to 70.28 Mbps.
Users in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil see an average internet speed of 19.89 up to 1785 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 786.43 Mbps.
Altitude Infrastructure is available in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 786.43 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil is Altitude Infrastructure.

Last updated: 26 Jun 2020