Internet Service Providers in France

France has 133 providers available to its residents. The highest speed we've seen is 4102.27 Mbps, and typical real-world speeds vary from 7.35 to 69.12 Mbps. The fastest speed we saw came from Free, and we've seen speeds as high as 946.39 Mbps from Orange France, 945.46 Mbps from REUNICABLE, and 945.27 Mbps from KWAOO, K-NET. In terms of user numbers, Orange France is the most popular provider in France, followed by Free and SFR Group. The fastest cities in France include Les Maisons Des Bois, Plaisir, and Fontenay-sous-Bois, and France's fastest providers are Free, Orange France, and REUNICABLE.

France Speeds Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in France

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Regions
1moji567.76 Mbps78.48—357.26 Mbps1
2CELESTE933.49 Mbps38.42—909.25 Mbps10
3Ecritel833.43 Mbps24.29—281.58 Mbps2
4Ikoula936.82 Mbps9.62—208.82 Mbps1
5KWAOO, K-NET945.27 Mbps46.29—189.17 Mbps26
6Firstheberg924.72 Mbps51.84—199.48 Mbps3
7Mediactive Network727.85 Mbps27.34—198.96 Mbps4
8IELO-LIAZO918.19 Mbps11.21—90.01 Mbps8
9REUNICABLE945.46 Mbps31.43—151.46 Mbps7
10Sipartech452.7 Mbps24.27—94.87 Mbps2
11Zen Internet133.74 Mbps0—53.94 Mbps1
12Smartjog568.2 Mbps14.44—102.43 Mbps2
13Colt931.5 Mbps11.99—90.06 Mbps18
14Serveurcom859.43 Mbps17.78—90.38 Mbps16
15Coriolis933.52 Mbps27.4—112.13 Mbps22
16APPLIWAVE514.39 Mbps21—82.15 Mbps7
17Integra204.61 Mbps53.57—129.8 Mbps2
18Orange France946.39 Mbps7.22—86.42 Mbps96
19Numericable938.05 Mbps26.45—92.8 Mbps67
20Blue Infra742.07 Mbps30.23—104.9 Mbps6
21KHEOPS Organisation91.71 Mbps87.32—90.6 Mbps3
22NETWORTH TELECOM209.79 Mbps85.51—88.26 Mbps4
23Quantic Telecom804.6 Mbps23.71—88.89 Mbps5
24Neuronnexion610.52 Mbps8.16—90.75 Mbps1
25Vodafone928.94 Mbps22.53—95.13 Mbps1
26Netrix506.45 Mbps19.49—100.57 Mbps4
27NEXTO884.23 Mbps7.51—53.29 Mbps2
28Webaxys541.66 Mbps11.78—86.57 Mbps1
29Cloudata488.68 Mbps17.5—79.57 Mbps3
30Hyperoptic57.63 Mbps0—57.42 Mbps1
31SFR Group939.91 Mbps8.13—76.04 Mbps96
32FrameIP538.58 Mbps11.17—57.92 Mbps2
33FullSave561.6 Mbps43.21—86.15 Mbps2
34BSO Network Solutions858.47 Mbps10.43—47.22 Mbps2
35NAITWAYS278.71 Mbps18.16—41.87 Mbps1
36Free4102.27 Mbps6.36—39.17 Mbps96
37Liazo857.41 Mbps8.58—49.02 Mbps2
38REGIES825.28 Mbps19.21—89.31 Mbps3
39Altitude Infrastructure786.43 Mbps18.65—74.73 Mbps13
40Cogent Communications457.88 Mbps13.46—92.37 Mbps19
41Groupe Convergence.com866.24 Mbps9.95—72.82 Mbps8
42Bouygues Telecom ISP943.37 Mbps7.06—54.37 Mbps96
43Nerim906.74 Mbps4.71—91.41 Mbps17
44Oceanet Technology553.4 Mbps5.54—61.54 Mbps4
45Owentis80 Mbps0.28—70.58 Mbps1
46OELIS170.42 Mbps34.83—64.05 Mbps2
47FLEX NETWORK685.22 Mbps19.23—57.03 Mbps5
48Acropolis Telecom586.54 Mbps9.88—79.09 Mbps10
49IC Telecom373.41 Mbps9.95—77.9 Mbps5
50TAS France88.54 Mbps24.51—55.25 Mbps1
51VIA-NUMERICA544.81 Mbps11.57—58.95 Mbps4
52NTT Global IP Network47.95 Mbps28.81—31.77 Mbps1
53SACLAK NETWORK93.21 Mbps11.61—71.64 Mbps3
54CELYA141.71 Mbps19.79—47.34 Mbps1
55Jaguar Network779.29 Mbps7.87—68.18 Mbps14
56Completel755.42 Mbps9.54—82.12 Mbps37
57NORMHOST637.92 Mbps7.39—57.06 Mbps7
58Verizon Business - EMEA472.54 Mbps7.75—46.24 Mbps17
59Orne THD226.08 Mbps19.75—52.46 Mbps2
60Orange519.2 Mbps5.26—39.15 Mbps3
61Netensia204.8 Mbps15.92—47.9 Mbps3
62Alliance Reseaux314.69 Mbps9.79—56.99 Mbps2
63Leonix Telecom450.04 Mbps28.84—29.03 Mbps7
64Hexanet601.94 Mbps7.87—52.11 Mbps8
65LuxNetwork106.56 Mbps9.21—58.83 Mbps2
66Cloud-Temple573.8 Mbps3.7—23.24 Mbps2
67Adeli92.96 Mbps13.32—53.02 Mbps6
68Netalis138.59 Mbps11.34—44.41 Mbps1
69Bretagne Telecom593.27 Mbps9.2—32.94 Mbps5
70M247789.67 Mbps5.91—38.98 Mbps16
71Micro & Services Informatiques704.96 Mbps2.78—15.14 Mbps1
72vasolutions400.96 Mbps1.96—35.67 Mbps1
73Sewan Communications532.78 Mbps6.69—47.39 Mbps22
74Rhoval397.97 Mbps8.11—42.65 Mbps9
75KEYYO SA662.66 Mbps10.05—14.7 Mbps6
76OpenIP414.69 Mbps5.33—43.22 Mbps8
77SHPV FRANCE287.54 Mbps7.39—35.12 Mbps2
78AIC TELECOMS473.18 Mbps11.2—35.88 Mbps4
79Proximus183.65 Mbps10.44—45 Mbps2
80EDF Group121.39 Mbps18.91—33.86 Mbps1
81Deutsche Telekom105.4 Mbps6.35—48.68 Mbps2
82Waycom707.18 Mbps3.86—19 Mbps3
83LASOTEL552.71 Mbps5—39.51 Mbps4
84Vodafone31.88 Mbps15.75—29.67 Mbps1
85ALSATIS897.17 Mbps4.52—25.1 Mbps16
86GIGALIS390.72 Mbps4.72—38.88 Mbps6
87Zayo France262.53 Mbps8.12—35.97 Mbps10
88Altitude Telecom625.95 Mbps5.15—35.87 Mbps8
89TRINAPS222.6 Mbps8.52—36.97 Mbps3
90ADISTA433.18 Mbps4.37—31.73 Mbps61
91Alphalink452.42 Mbps5.9—33.99 Mbps28
92IPLine96.55 Mbps4.69—49.65 Mbps8
93Option Service90.44 Mbps8.38—38.27 Mbps5
94Voxity72.17 Mbps6.24—35.08 Mbps1
95Covage Networks439.52 Mbps5.48—25.08 Mbps13
96SIGMA INFORMATIQUE93.54 Mbps2—27.87 Mbps1
97VeePee145.57 Mbps3.69—32.88 Mbps5
98Stella Telecom435.09 Mbps7.81—18.69 Mbps9
99Phibee Telecom325.97 Mbps3.56—21.66 Mbps5
100VIAPASS96.31 Mbps4.56—25.62 Mbps3
101Netiwan365.84 Mbps3.82—30.79 Mbps7
102HELIANTIS128.32 Mbps3.92—28.18 Mbps1
103NXO France279.78 Mbps2.13—9.18 Mbps5
104Neptune Internet Services93.3 Mbps3.18—25.96 Mbps2
105TELWAN149.42 Mbps7.09—23.22 Mbps5
106Afone106.82 Mbps2.67—16.49 Mbps1
107Clever Network84.48 Mbps3.61—20.12 Mbps6
108BlueGIX83.47 Mbps5.27—21.47 Mbps5
109IPeva276.36 Mbps4.12—13.94 Mbps1
110ALPESYS93.45 Mbps2.52—22.32 Mbps2
111NUMLOG38.1 Mbps5.74—15.61 Mbps1
112Association Gitoyen54.59 Mbps3.58—22.14 Mbps1
113InterMeDiaSud435.45 Mbps2.35—11.16 Mbps3
114Societe Atlantique de Telephonie et Communication698.09 Mbps2.23—13.12 Mbps21
115Equation92.05 Mbps3.62—15.92 Mbps6
116Infosat Telecom803.25 Mbps2.96—10.54 Mbps7
117SARL Abeille150.5 Mbps2.2—11.55 Mbps1
119SES ASTRA33.1 Mbps5.78—18.44 Mbps5
120VOXILITY113.11 Mbps1.71—12.64 Mbps1
121INFOMIL65.49 Mbps5.23—13.6 Mbps7
122SFR Business Team131.37 Mbps2.82—12.91 Mbps3
123Alcatraz Information Security181.81 Mbps5.56—8.47 Mbps4
124Skylogic33.55 Mbps5.76—14.23 Mbps10
125Hub One SA414.07 Mbps3.04—6.95 Mbps8
126Axione810.58 Mbps1.83—10.06 Mbps27
127Eolas28.08 Mbps0.19—8.24 Mbps1
128VCTech77.73 Mbps3.79—8.51 Mbps1
129Blue Networks Technologies41 Mbps3.04—12.28 Mbps3
130iBrowse SARL84.56 Mbps0.71—1.84 Mbps11
131Tata Communications3.23 Mbps2.55—3.22 Mbps1
132Afghan Wireless Communications Company1.94 Mbps0.29—0.72 Mbps1
133YemenNet1.57 Mbps0.16—0.84 Mbps1

France Regions By Speed

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Hauts-de-Seine2842.3514.58—180.15 Mbps27.32 Mbps55
2Yvelines4102.2715.53—132.62 Mbps26.94 Mbps33
3Val d'Oise2232.2614.36—154.14 Mbps25.91 Mbps26
4Val-de-Marne2993.2811.77—104.8 Mbps21.33 Mbps29
5Rhône1169.5510.25—88.98 Mbps17.39 Mbps39
6Paris2914.089.74—168.05 Mbps17.19 Mbps31
7Seine-et-Marne1319.1110.06—92.96 Mbps16.67 Mbps28
8Bas-Rhin942.4410.52—91.22 Mbps16.59 Mbps19
9Moselle938.789.79—88.97 Mbps15.91 Mbps13
10Oise934.859.53—99.7 Mbps15.77 Mbps12
11North1487.199.36—84.83 Mbps15.43 Mbps31
12Essonne1010.378.59—93.94 Mbps14.35 Mbps28
13Pas-de-Calais923.268.54—78.42 Mbps14.24 Mbps17
14Seine-Saint-Denis22688.54—87.21 Mbps13.74 Mbps41
15Marne1423.19—56.85 Mbps12.88 Mbps8
16Eure-et-Loir1019.897.81—66.81 Mbps12.17 Mbps10
17Loire8887.74—56.89 Mbps12.08 Mbps14
18Alpes-Maritimes942.037.85—80.09 Mbps11.99 Mbps16
19Haut-Rhin938.728.38—61.62 Mbps11.89 Mbps14
20Ille-et-Vilaine1017.797.54—65.96 Mbps11.83 Mbps12
21Ain925.897.77—61.3 Mbps11.61 Mbps16
22Mayenne927.227.6—48.04 Mbps11.46 Mbps6
23Loiret1189.777.36—65.75 Mbps11.38 Mbps12
24Territoire de Belfort877.767.19—61.49 Mbps11.29 Mbps6
25Cote d'Or918.217.17—61.81 Mbps11.26 Mbps9
26Indre and Loire1573.497.18—58.8 Mbps11.21 Mbps15
27Lozère514.036.82—218.05 Mbps11.18 Mbps7
28Loire-Atlantique935.047.23—62.02 Mbps11.06 Mbps28
29Puy-de-Dôme907.897.41—57.34 Mbps11.03 Mbps12
30Allier897.887.63—62.25 Mbps10.99 Mbps5
31Upper Garonne899.017.34—67.35 Mbps10.97 Mbps21
32Sarthe1208.667.28—51.29 Mbps10.89 Mbps14
33Doubs872.056.77—49.12 Mbps10.1 Mbps14
34Haute-Vienne1049.916.9—53.31 Mbps10.04 Mbps10
35Bouches-du-Rhône933.656.68—54.07 Mbps9.89 Mbps25
36Aisne1887.896.38—42.86 Mbps9.88 Mbps11
37Somme1251.416.45—48.84 Mbps9.68 Mbps16
38Gironde1173.366.88—47.14 Mbps9.64 Mbps18
39Maine-et-Loire1725.145.95—55.63 Mbps9.39 Mbps15
40Hérault929.636.92—43.1 Mbps9.24 Mbps23
41Finistère892.836.11—52.63 Mbps9 Mbps13
42Loir-et-Cher976.586.06—42.84 Mbps8.78 Mbps5
43Indre930.716.33—35.96 Mbps8.73 Mbps5
44Corrèze1004.815.6—43.77 Mbps8.72 Mbps8
45Calvados1553.915.64—40.97 Mbps8.58 Mbps13
46Haute-Saône795.865.45—26.49 Mbps8.37 Mbps7
47Meurthe et Moselle924.445.74—44.8 Mbps8.36 Mbps15
48Isère925.135.5—46 Mbps8.33 Mbps24
49Cher933.225.33—38.11 Mbps8.24 Mbps9
50Vienne1114.865.58—26.15 Mbps8.24 Mbps10
51Deux-Sèvres908.035.38—34.83 Mbps8.11 Mbps7
52Vendée918.635.63—27.03 Mbps8.04 Mbps11
53Aube916.915.4—27.05 Mbps7.9 Mbps4
54Haute-Savoie907.915.51—28.74 Mbps7.89 Mbps17
55South Corsica937.635.09—39.86 Mbps7.88 Mbps5
56Haute-Marne851.065.28—25.1 Mbps7.84 Mbps6
57Morbihan994.665.24—32.35 Mbps7.76 Mbps8
58Ardennes888.855.14—26.72 Mbps7.57 Mbps6
59Gers851.565.34—25.08 Mbps7.48 Mbps7
60Vosges902.075.29—27.8 Mbps7.45 Mbps7
61Seine-Maritime1130.295.05—39.46 Mbps7.41 Mbps22
62Charente-Maritime906.964.72—29.94 Mbps7.35 Mbps11
63Ariège777.475.1—24.74 Mbps7.34 Mbps6
64Hautes-Pyrénées912.74.96—32.1 Mbps7.25 Mbps7
65Pyrénées-Atlantiques938.094.76—31.86 Mbps7.05 Mbps8
66Aveyron596.514.84—22.88 Mbps6.98 Mbps6
67Pyrénées-Orientales875.874.8—28.9 Mbps6.95 Mbps9
68Vaucluse890.664.57—28.92 Mbps6.93 Mbps14
69Var972.164.67—31.17 Mbps6.88 Mbps12
70Creuse925.194.51—25.89 Mbps6.82 Mbps7
71Tarn-et-Garonne882.745.13—21.41 Mbps6.81 Mbps6
72Savoy878.55.18—22.73 Mbps6.81 Mbps18
73Drôme925.374.68—31.56 Mbps6.76 Mbps11
74Gard877.034.39—21.49 Mbps6.63 Mbps9
75Saône-et-Loire849.174.38—23.08 Mbps6.61 Mbps9
76Eure931.014.36—23.13 Mbps6.6 Mbps12
77Upper Corsica731.424.88—35.37 Mbps6.55 Mbps6
78Orne2943.894.06—22.34 Mbps6.39 Mbps6
79Tarn877.94.36—18.86 Mbps6.3 Mbps8
80Cantal925.054.18—28.07 Mbps6.24 Mbps5
81Côtes-d'Armor903.374.18—24.33 Mbps6.21 Mbps7
82Alpes-de-Haute-Provence924.394.09—22.92 Mbps6.08 Mbps8
83Lot-et-Garonne939.233.89—25.89 Mbps5.97 Mbps6
84Haute-Loire847.964.16—25.29 Mbps5.95 Mbps7
85Hautes-Alpes824.214.24—19.08 Mbps5.93 Mbps5
86Nièvre898.823.63—16.65 Mbps5.74 Mbps7
87Landes905.633.87—17.73 Mbps5.69 Mbps9
88Dordogne8803.59—18.42 Mbps5.57 Mbps9
89Yonne880.063.92—18.79 Mbps5.45 Mbps9
90Charente925.83.48—32.24 Mbps5.42 Mbps10
91Lot567.814.46—14.49 Mbps5.35 Mbps5
92Jura733.283.54—17.02 Mbps5.3 Mbps8
93Aude886.173.42—17.96 Mbps5.19 Mbps8
94Manche911.033.33—14.12 Mbps5.05 Mbps9
95Meuse870.553.39—18.69 Mbps4.94 Mbps7
96Ardèche901.473.26—12.43 Mbps4.76 Mbps10

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in France

France has 133 ISPs available to its 64,768,389 residents.
Free is the fastest provider in France with 4102.27 Mbps, and a typical real-world speed range of 6.36—39.17 Mbps.
CELESTE is the best provider in France, and their users typically see speeds in the range of 38.42 to 909.25 Mbps.
Users in France see an average internet speed of 7.35 up to 69.12 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 4102.27 Mbps.
Orange France is available in France, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 946.39 Mbps.
Free is available in France, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 4102.27 Mbps.
SFR Group is available in France, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 939.91 Mbps.
Bouygues Telecom ISP is available in France, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 943.37 Mbps.
Numericable is available in France, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 938.05 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in France is Orange France.