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CCNST Deutschland is a medium-sized provider in Germany. We have seen speeds as high as 289.88 Mbps from CCNST Deutschland's coverage area, and most of their users see real-world speeds in the range of 11.1 to 29.43 Mbps. CCNST Deutschland is available in several large cities, including Nuremberg, Landshut, Straubing, Deggendorf, and Schwandorf in Bayern. In these cities, its fastest speeds range from 4.48 to 46.91 Mbps. Of the smaller cities CCNST Deutschland serves, such as Loitzendorf, Guteneck, Gleissenberg, Posing, and Trausnitz, maximum speeds vary from 5.86 to 33.63 Mbps, and most of their customers obtain speeds between 14.45 and 33.63 Mbps.

CCNST Deutschland's Rankings Across Germany: Medium-sized Providers in 2020


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CCNST Deutschland Speeds Over Time

CCNST Deutschland's Fastest Towns and Cities in Germany

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Stephansposching105.09 Mbps28.41—101.4 Mbps73.59 Mbps
2Bruck in der Oberpfalz37.36 Mbps29.14—29.39 Mbps29.24 Mbps
3Geiselhoring52.05 Mbps28.84—29.27 Mbps29.03 Mbps
4Salching53.4 Mbps28.44—29.55 Mbps28.92 Mbps
5Schwandorf in Bayern104.38 Mbps23.15—29.45 Mbps28.88 Mbps

CCNST Deutschland's Slowest Towns and Cities in Germany

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Geiersthal37.94 Mbps0.59—14.92 Mbps1.7 Mbps
2Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg52.29 Mbps3.77—27.84 Mbps4.53 Mbps
3Neumarkt-Sankt Veit67.42 Mbps2.73—23.89 Mbps6.34 Mbps
4Straubing56.7 Mbps5.31—18.7 Mbps7.19 Mbps
5Hohenwarth53.3 Mbps4.26—35.76 Mbps7.96 Mbps

CCNST Deutschland Growth and Performance History: Towns and Cities

CCNST Deutschland in Regions and Counties

CCNST Deutschland Speed Test Results

We analysed users testing CCNST Deutschland multiple times, each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous speed test. On average, CCNST Deutschland customers ran 4 speed tests per session. Looking at download speeds, if the download speed of a CCNST Deutschland user's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd consider this a customer CCNST Deutschland should speak to as soon as possible. For speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For CCNST Deutschland's customer base, of the speed tests we measured, 39.05% were fast, 29.05% slow, and 31.9% broadly the same.
Most Recent Tests
Town / CityStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Cham, Upper Palatinate21 Jan 2021 21:35:27247 secs0.44 Mbps0.18 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Laberweinting, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 20:53:22525 mins5.66 Mbps9.64 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Blaibach, Upper Palatinate21 Jan 2021 20:35:46421 mins5.89 Mbps12.6 MbpsImproved
Loitzendorf, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 20:23:4629 mins5.92 Mbps4.04 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Kunzing, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 19:58:19216 secs3.88 Mbps7.61 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Thurmansbang, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 18:57:2126 mins4.7 Mbps10.55 MbpsImproved
Wetzelsdorf, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 18:57:49223 secs19.89 Mbps20.01 Mbps
Schwandorf in Bayern, Upper Palatinate21 Jan 2021 18:41:0036 mins10.78 Mbps11.73 Mbps
Bruckberg, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 15:49:35213 mins2.14 Mbps6.15 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Thurmansbang, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 15:34:44313 mins23.84 Mbps25.65 Mbps
Laberweinting, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 15:40:1634 mins3.32 Mbps7.38 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Altdorf, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 15:28:42230 secs10.21 Mbps30.75 MbpsImproved
Wetzelsdorf, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 15:16:1125 mins20.36 Mbps20.25 Mbps
Lohberg, Upper Palatinate21 Jan 2021 14:20:51393 secs16.54 Mbps15.68 Mbps
Laberweinting, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 14:09:54265 secs0.29 Mbps47.96 MbpsImproved
Laberweinting, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 13:35:55230 secs4.61 Mbps6.21 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Waffenbrunn, Upper Palatinate21 Jan 2021 11:06:36935 mins62.05 Mbps16.42 MbpsNeeds help
Laberweinting, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 11:28:2543 mins26.26 Mbps27.6 Mbps
Patersdorf, Lower Bavaria21 Jan 2021 10:58:1723 mins8.48 Mbps28.87 MbpsImproved
Waffenbrunn, Upper Palatinate21 Jan 2021 08:17:52312 mins22.65 Mbps20.81 Mbps

CCNST Deutschland in Large Towns and Cities

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Cham102.76 Mbps7.97—27.48 Mbps
2Vilshofen40.74 Mbps1.07—20.59 Mbps
3Kelheim10.83 Mbps0—3.31 Mbps
4Pocking164.99 Mbps4.83—41.04 Mbps
5Plattling26.15 Mbps9.97—17.47 Mbps
6Regen104.7 Mbps6.43—18 Mbps
7Burglengenfeld66.95 Mbps7.6—22.32 Mbps
8Pfarrkirchen3.59 Mbps0.27—2.34 Mbps
9Osterhofen9.59 Mbps0—0.18 Mbps
10Roding96.98 Mbps11.52—29.49 Mbps
11Maxhutte-Haidhof90.97 Mbps8.64—62.77 Mbps
12Furth im Wald289.08 Mbps9.65—39.84 Mbps
13Viechtach83.02 Mbps11.28—29.55 Mbps
14Nittenau78.62 Mbps13.6—29.17 Mbps
15Neunburg vorm Wald139.47 Mbps15.22—29.43 Mbps
16Rottenburg an der Laaber158.18 Mbps9.84—30.48 Mbps
17Kotzting30.43 Mbps4.63—24.16 Mbps
18Waldmunchen32.03 Mbps11.9—26.03 Mbps
19Schierling29.68 Mbps7.12—11.16 Mbps
20Seefeld13.9 Mbps0—13.68 Mbps
21Geiselhoring52.05 Mbps28.84—29.27 Mbps
22Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg52.29 Mbps3.77—27.84 Mbps
23Wallersdorf45.76 Mbps17.52—26.3 Mbps
24Edenkoben179.31 Mbps9.72—30.99 Mbps
25Arnstorf81.17 Mbps8.58—28.9 Mbps
26Geisenhausen68.6 Mbps14.68—28.83 Mbps
27Neumarkt-Sankt Veit67.42 Mbps2.73—23.89 Mbps
28Nabburg97.58 Mbps4.33—27.7 Mbps
29Pfreimd104.78 Mbps12.58—93.04 Mbps
30Langquaid3.6 Mbps0.76—1.36 Mbps
31Bruckberg203.46 Mbps15.91—61.95 Mbps
32Oberviechtach89.87 Mbps11.32—26.05 Mbps
33Barbing23.56 Mbps4.59—16.33 Mbps
34Pfeffenhausen49.75 Mbps11.18—29.24 Mbps
35Bruck in der Oberpfalz37.36 Mbps29.14—29.39 Mbps
36Metten49.59 Mbps15.96—31.33 Mbps
37Traitsching66.39 Mbps19.45—38.32 Mbps
38Bodenwoehr176.46 Mbps16.51—29.56 Mbps
39Leiblfing103.66 Mbps23.9—31.16 Mbps
40Steinhoring89.93 Mbps10.48—29.87 Mbps
41Niederaichbach177.84 Mbps11.28—27.65 Mbps
42Wiesenfelden46.57 Mbps5.96—23.35 Mbps
43Eschlkam77.76 Mbps14.63—28.83 Mbps
44Roetz101.35 Mbps9.94—28.07 Mbps
45Hohenau61.13 Mbps0.76—11.58 Mbps
46Laberweinting126.92 Mbps10.85—84.62 Mbps
47Alterhofen104.31 Mbps27.75—29.36 Mbps
48Kunzing44.55 Mbps11.56—29.27 Mbps
49Stephansposching105.09 Mbps28.41—101.4 Mbps
50Teisnach89.6 Mbps7.46—25.63 Mbps
51Kollnburg86.23 Mbps3.76—25.1 Mbps
52Schmidgaden49.97 Mbps4.68—15.21 Mbps
53Wald66.17 Mbps12.42—26.91 Mbps
54Arrach30.32 Mbps6.79—24.86 Mbps
55Prackenbach289.88 Mbps7.5—26.36 Mbps
56Chamerau88.7 Mbps6.05—24.53 Mbps
57Schorndorf51.92 Mbps8.2—18.89 Mbps
58Salching53.4 Mbps28.44—29.55 Mbps
59Thurmansbang176.87 Mbps9.54—28.68 Mbps
60Kulmain29.15 Mbps0—28.68 Mbps
61Miltach37.15 Mbps3.98—20.19 Mbps
62Drachselsried46.98 Mbps6.36—19.2 Mbps
63Stamsried106.06 Mbps9.37—25.28 Mbps
64Pemfling148.22 Mbps15.39—44.86 Mbps
65Geiersthal37.94 Mbps0.59—14.92 Mbps
66Willmering72.84 Mbps10.48—28.77 Mbps
67Lohberg106.46 Mbps7.73—25.15 Mbps
68Hohenwarth53.3 Mbps4.26—35.76 Mbps
69Blaibach100.48 Mbps10.62—30.19 Mbps
70Arnschwang20.26 Mbps6.53—18.17 Mbps
71Teunz42.82 Mbps6.41—9.05 Mbps
72Rimbach68.39 Mbps4.79—27.76 Mbps
73Waffenbrunn64.2 Mbps5.64—24.91 Mbps
74Immenreuth71.39 Mbps1.79—12.29 Mbps
75Patersdorf104.37 Mbps13.2—41.55 Mbps
76Innernzell53.98 Mbps11.2—28.12 Mbps
77Reichertsheim19.37 Mbps0.72—18.16 Mbps
78Etzelwang45.89 Mbps10.83—27.59 Mbps
79Ascha64.01 Mbps8.63—32.57 Mbps
80Teugn29.45 Mbps26.23—28.79 Mbps
81Schaufling27.75 Mbps10.09—18.78 Mbps
82Grattersdorf47.92 Mbps9.09—19.32 Mbps
83Perkam4.44 Mbps0—0.36 Mbps
84Wallerfing31.77 Mbps11.42—21.16 Mbps
85Niedermurach139.43 Mbps11.76—29.49 Mbps
86Taufkirchen88.57 Mbps11.79—29.65 Mbps
87Kirchdorf22.87 Mbps0.73—1.49 Mbps
88Gotteszell105.1 Mbps8.23—29.51 Mbps
89Achslach44.24 Mbps19.1—25.16 Mbps
90Thanstein104.85 Mbps20.69—98.14 Mbps
91Treffelstein100.98 Mbps11.35—42.72 Mbps
92Trausnitz93.7 Mbps14.45—29.48 Mbps
93Posing73.16 Mbps13.95—33.63 Mbps
94Gleissenberg239.87 Mbps5.86—25.59 Mbps
95Guteneck89.82 Mbps8.64—21.58 Mbps
96Loitzendorf68 Mbps5.92—22.08 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about CCNST Deutschland

The fastest speed we've seen for CCNST Deutschland is 289.88 Mbps, and most people see download speeds in the range of 11.1—29.43 Mbps.
We have recorded CCNST Deutschland speed tests in 96 towns and cities, including Cham, Vilshofen, Kelheim, Pocking, and Plattling.
CCNST Deutschland is ranked as the 57th fastest provider in Germany.
In Germany, CCNST Deutschland is the 6th most popular broadband provider.