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Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband is a large internet provider in Spain. We have seen broadband speeds as high as 1162.52 Mbps from Adamo Telecom Iberia's coverage area, and most of their users see real-world internet speeds in the range of 40.7 to 263.25 Mbps. Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband is available in several large cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, and Gijón. In these cities, its fastest broadband speeds range from 20.41 to 279.91 Mbps. Of the smaller cities Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband serves, such as Fontanarejo, Bellaguarda, Rossello, Talarn, and Llardecans, maximum internet speeds vary from 0.28 to 189.33 Mbps, and most of their customers obtain speeds between 40.28 and 189.33 Mbps.

Adamo Telecom Iberia's Rankings Across Spain: Large Broadband Providers in 2020


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Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Adamo Telecom Iberia's Fastest Towns and Cities in Spain

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Santa Coloma de Cervelló869.23 Mbps331.58—713.97 Mbps529.87 Mbps
2Alcarras901.46 Mbps485.78—523.21 Mbps504.6 Mbps
3El Viso de San Juan888.6 Mbps239.91—722.34 Mbps445.31 Mbps
4Almenar928.74 Mbps349.4—522.1 Mbps441.02 Mbps
5Sentmenat719.99 Mbps302.29—645.82 Mbps417.75 Mbps

Adamo Telecom Iberia's Slowest Towns and Cities in Spain

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Llardecans729.72 Mbps0.28—8.96 Mbps0.3 Mbps
2Guadalajara5.86 Mbps1.61—3.51 Mbps2.39 Mbps
3Teià28.67 Mbps3.98—11.05 Mbps4.1 Mbps
4Ribera del Fresno48.64 Mbps5.99—14.88 Mbps7.43 Mbps
5La Campana302.42 Mbps6.41—13.2 Mbps7.92 Mbps

Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband Speed Distribution

 Percentage of Speed Tests in Speed Range
Internet Speed RangeAdamo Telecom IberiaSpain
Very Slow: under 10 Mbps24.50%31.43%
Slow: 10-30 Mbps18.23%20.71%
Adequate: 30-60 Mbps15.35%13.83%
Good: 60-80 Mbps5.48%4.69%
Fast: 80-300 Mbps22.74%20.85%
Very Fast: over 300 Mbps13.70%8.50%

Adamo Telecom Iberia Growth and Broadband Performance History: Towns and Cities

Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband in Regions and Counties

Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband Speed Test Results

We analysed users testing Adamo Telecom Iberia multiple times, each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous internet speed test. On average, Adamo Telecom Iberia customers ran 4 speed tests per session. Looking at broadband download speeds, if the download speed of a Adamo Telecom Iberia user's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd consider this a customer Adamo Telecom Iberia should speak to as soon as possible. For speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For Adamo Telecom Iberia's customer base, of the speed tests we measured, 46.12% were fast, 27.14% slow, and 26.74% broadly the same.
Most Recent Tests
Town / CityStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Barcelona, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 23:43:2334 mins0.16 Mbps1.07 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Canet de Mar, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 23:04:2747 mins85.04 Mbps84.14 Mbps
Canet de Mar, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 23:05:41231 secs328.36 Mbps294.99 MbpsNeeds help
Barcelona, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 23:04:31236 secs0.27 Mbps1.73 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Ciudad Lineal, Madrid04 Dec 2021 22:08:22332 mins495.8 Mbps197.78 MbpsNeeds help
Barcelona, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 22:09:5442 mins50.04 Mbps64.55 MbpsImproved
Marza, Girona04 Dec 2021 22:06:41244 secs91.79 Mbps66.19 MbpsNeeds help
Colonia Fin de Semana, Madrid04 Dec 2021 22:01:55269 secs11.66 Mbps13.56 MbpsImproved
Barcelona, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 21:56:0825 mins20.75 Mbps183.05 MbpsImproved
Colonia Fin de Semana, Madrid04 Dec 2021 21:24:0124 mins89.55 Mbps114.13 MbpsImproved
el Poblenou, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 20:58:18419 mins498.33 Mbps426.81 MbpsNeeds help
Madrid, Madrid04 Dec 2021 21:06:343119 secs39.85 Mbps44.52 MbpsImproved
La Campana, Seville04 Dec 2021 20:26:53519 mins20.02 Mbps11.42 MbpsNeeds help
Lleida, Lleida04 Dec 2021 20:37:03295 secs13.88 Mbps136.19 MbpsImproved
Logroño, La Rioja04 Dec 2021 20:25:16276 secs6.33 Mbps30.51 MbpsImproved
Ciudad Lineal, Madrid04 Dec 2021 20:10:12245 secs53.54 Mbps904.85 MbpsImproved
Lleida, Lleida04 Dec 2021 20:05:06237 secs1.99 Mbps3.92 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Barcelona, Barcelona04 Dec 2021 20:00:08223 secs94.01 Mbps213.88 MbpsImproved
Ciudad Lineal, Madrid04 Dec 2021 19:31:08239 secs0.82 Mbps13.59 MbpsImproved
Colonia Fin de Semana, Madrid04 Dec 2021 19:27:17390 secs21.09 Mbps87.85 MbpsImproved

Adamo Telecom Iberia in Large Towns and Cities

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Eixample944.76 Mbps45.35—287.75 Mbps
2Ciudad Lineal945.26 Mbps41.62—230.16 Mbps
3Badalona920.26 Mbps101.21—355.62 Mbps
4Terrassa683.87 Mbps223.27—621.09 Mbps
5Sabadell496.48 Mbps82.75—430.35 Mbps
6Alcalá de Henares250.23 Mbps29.05—219.4 Mbps
7Santander938.7 Mbps33.91—274.01 Mbps
8Burgos779.8 Mbps10.91—54.29 Mbps
9Alcorcón926.75 Mbps64.57—301.83 Mbps
10Logroño936.9 Mbps34.42—187.23 Mbps
11Sant Andreu907.7 Mbps43.05—286.84 Mbps
12Tarragona940.35 Mbps35.58—235.34 Mbps
13Chamartin167.5 Mbps7.15—117.94 Mbps
14Lleida946.1 Mbps31.92—271.6 Mbps
15Dos Hermanas840.71 Mbps24.11—455.63 Mbps
16Mataró881.41 Mbps49.52—323.92 Mbps
17Santa Coloma de Gramenet900.99 Mbps20.15—261.17 Mbps
18Parla56.05 Mbps39.76—51.49 Mbps
19Alcobendas115.43 Mbps4.91—9.77 Mbps
20Reus843.81 Mbps33.55—279.12 Mbps
21Girona944.37 Mbps37.37—179.75 Mbps
22Cornellà de Llobregat665.17 Mbps35.06—212.72 Mbps
23Guadalajara5.86 Mbps1.61—3.51 Mbps
24Pozuelo de Alarcón704.74 Mbps0—586.29 Mbps
25Sant Boi de Llobregat218.82 Mbps51.5—98.01 Mbps
26Toledo838.66 Mbps49.42—444.52 Mbps
27Sant Cugat778.56 Mbps42.65—137.2 Mbps
28Manresa737.08 Mbps34.02—128.49 Mbps
29Rubí731.35 Mbps274.25—426.88 Mbps
30Vilanova i la Geltrú700.9 Mbps340.56—452.93 Mbps
31Viladecans899.53 Mbps37.84—203.71 Mbps
32el Prat de Llobregat919.21 Mbps35.46—305.15 Mbps
33Granollers911.89 Mbps34.49—167.51 Mbps
34Cerdanyola del Vallès933.11 Mbps43.55—289.44 Mbps
35Torrelavega937.42 Mbps34.31—261.95 Mbps
36Mollet del Vallès932 Mbps31.43—129.42 Mbps
37Santurtzi928.35 Mbps311.1—924.48 Mbps
38Esplugues de Llobregat333.63 Mbps84.92—272.22 Mbps
39Gava478.79 Mbps70.33—420.05 Mbps
40Mieres322.48 Mbps47.79—123.33 Mbps
41Figueres244.53 Mbps18.43—33.28 Mbps
42Sant Feliu de Llobregat676.85 Mbps33.2—118.91 Mbps
43Mairena del Aljarafe468.46 Mbps69.09—208.71 Mbps
44Vic945.73 Mbps46.99—283.81 Mbps
45Igualada460.71 Mbps39.51—44.15 Mbps
46Vilafranca del Penedès754.37 Mbps14.66—727.88 Mbps
47Ripollet908.75 Mbps39.54—202.99 Mbps
48El Vendrell42.3 Mbps0—40.53 Mbps
49Sant Adrià de Besòs877.53 Mbps39.93—172.5 Mbps
50el Poblenou945.53 Mbps36.97—256.71 Mbps
51Montcada i Reixac649.82 Mbps83.61—400.24 Mbps
52Azuqueca de Henares945.46 Mbps94.42—330.13 Mbps
53Cambrils461.28 Mbps2.93—32.88 Mbps
54Sant Joan Despí909.86 Mbps93.43—414.78 Mbps
55Fort Pienc883.95 Mbps47.02—235.83 Mbps
56Barbera Del Valles437.86 Mbps1.63—287.72 Mbps
57Salt925.35 Mbps52.39—296.61 Mbps
58Agüimes595.91 Mbps28.95—303.48 Mbps
59Oliva734.69 Mbps55.31—94.23 Mbps
60Sitges843.77 Mbps15.62—393.05 Mbps
61Martorell109.9 Mbps8.18—24.21 Mbps
62Sant Andreu de la Barca337.65 Mbps23.13—207.93 Mbps
63Pineda de Mar291.53 Mbps224.74—259.05 Mbps
64Camas879.2 Mbps36.3—295.65 Mbps
65Valls935.38 Mbps44.78—350.68 Mbps
66Santa Perpetua de Mogoda877.81 Mbps45.18—217.09 Mbps
67el Masnou503.83 Mbps17.68—95.54 Mbps
68Sant Feliu de Guíxols502.62 Mbps10.85—66.86 Mbps
69Torrelodones348.69 Mbps51.8—231.17 Mbps
70Vila-seca933.64 Mbps42.3—312.36 Mbps
71San Juan de Aznalfarache937.1 Mbps34.66—298.69 Mbps
72Betera727.4 Mbps32.83—93.63 Mbps
73Manlleu657.48 Mbps94.34—205.19 Mbps
74Ribarroja del Turia103.03 Mbps0—12.01 Mbps
75Provenals del Poblenou172.14 Mbps59.76—105.41 Mbps
76Vilassar de Mar451.28 Mbps48.01—334.18 Mbps
77Osuna633.28 Mbps48.37—622.67 Mbps
78Parets del Vallès867.64 Mbps45.72—205.04 Mbps
79El Astillero925.29 Mbps32.4—414.74 Mbps
80La Pineda777.01 Mbps62.26—322.98 Mbps
81Berga936.95 Mbps51.42—138.12 Mbps
82Caldes de Montbui309.14 Mbps5.26—175.26 Mbps
83Sant Celoni932.92 Mbps28.14—203.12 Mbps
84Tarrega911.14 Mbps18.92—93.85 Mbps
85Ermua856.43 Mbps19.87—372.87 Mbps
86Canovelles405.35 Mbps37.06—160.89 Mbps
87Hostafrancs113.6 Mbps22.15—87.49 Mbps
88Gothic Quarter944.4 Mbps46.28—257.25 Mbps
89Sant Just Desvern913.53 Mbps17.26—224.9 Mbps
90Montornès del Vallès944.56 Mbps75.9—215.12 Mbps
91Arenys de Mar788.76 Mbps74.56—104.08 Mbps
92Torredembarra401.24 Mbps10.57—29.13 Mbps
93la Garriga942.59 Mbps182.97—673.36 Mbps
94el Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou905.1 Mbps26.98—77.02 Mbps
95Cangas del Narcea184 Mbps14.42—81.88 Mbps
96Piera108.01 Mbps7.05—76.48 Mbps
97Mollerussa915.8 Mbps62.67—231.92 Mbps
98Fraga744.33 Mbps231.86—557.05 Mbps
99Pola de Laviana544.65 Mbps26.44—80.14 Mbps
100Canet de Mar358.66 Mbps48.14—89.71 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband

How fast are Adamo Telecom Iberia's broadband download speeds?
The fastest internet speed we've seen for Adamo Telecom Iberia is 1162.52 Mbps, and most people see broadband download speeds in the range of 40.7—263.25 Mbps.
Where is Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband Available?
We have recorded Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband internet speed tests in over 100 towns and cities, including Eixample, Ciudad Lineal, Badalona, Terrassa, and Sabadell.
How do Adamo Telecom Iberia's speeds compare to other internet providers?
Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband is ranked as the 7th fastest internet provider in Spain.
How many people use Adamo Telecom Iberia as their ISP?
In Spain, Adamo Telecom Iberia Broadband is the 9th most popular broadband provider.

Last updated: 04 Dec 2021